Midnight Walk Shawl

For shawl lovers, you should not have many made for you. If you’ve done midnight, maybe it’s time to think about making a thin shawl, but of course you can’t miss the fringes! Are you looking forward to another wonderful pattern? The progetto is good when you already fall in love with the name “Midnight walk shawl”, which gave the right name. In the image below we have a model, so we can already see that it is a shawl that suits any occasion, from a romantic dinner to a walk in the middle of the night, under the moonlight under the star. Make the colors you like, the one that best fits your style or if you will give someone the color you like or even match it; feel free!

Another plus point of this shawl is that it suits anyone from kids to seniors, from men to women! The good thing about the shawl is that if you are feeling simple with your clothes, just put it on that gives a change in your visual! And when asked “where did you buy this?”, You can proudly say that you made it!

Winter officially started this week, but we have been living with the cold for a long time now. In days of low temperatures, two options to stay warm without losing style are ponchos and shawls. With the help of Uniritter’s fashion professor Ane Rose Perin, we put together looks with the pieces that are already considered the darlings of the season. And the best part: they won’t go out of style any time soon. Check out the tips and choose yours to parade warm and full of charm! Grandma’s piece turned into a fever – The shawl is no longer a piece from grandmothers’ closets and has gained a very modern look. The most traditional way to wear it is like this, over the shoulders. The ends can be attached to each other, to protect the lap from the cold, or left loose, giving a casual look. A good option for warmth is the rustic, handmade style.

Ravelry: Midnight walk shawl pattern by Helena Molinsky

If you are talented, you can even make your own! When it comes to putting together the look, the secret is the colors: choose clothes in shades that are close to those of the shawl. The brown pants balance with the orange of the piece. The thinner fabrics blankets can also be worn over the shoulders. And then they can be used as a shawl. Backwards – Want to surprise? Change the sides of the shawl, using the tip of the triangle that is in the back, for the front. This one in the photo also has bangs – another winter fever – that make the piece very current. This way of wearing it allows you to wear a blazer or a warmer jacket, without compromising the accessory. The ideal is that its tip should be aligned with the final portion of your coat. The thinner shawls go very well with dresses, from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones. Be sure to go well with them on occasions such as graduation parties and even weddings.

Poncho for all occasions – The most traditional ponchos, which are part of the gauchos’ clothing, are usually made of thick fabrics like wool. The one in the photo is an example. It goes well with pants – the ones with leather details modernize the look – but nothing prevents you from wearing it with skirts or dresses. Choose a poncho that ends below the hip line to make you look slimmer – if it ends tight at the hip line, it can make your silhouette look wider. The modern ones are made of thinner and lighter fabrics, such as knits, and have details in various materials such as leather and metals. They are the right choice for a more formal event, as they go well with dresses. I made the shawl on Giro thread, color 767 – Melting Macaron and Whirlette, color 866 – Bubble, both from Scheepjes. Step-by-step figures in the pattern are made with the new J√§rbogarn segment.–Midnight Walk Shawl

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