Midnight Garden Quilt

5 REASONS TO DECORATE YOUR HOME! It doesn’t matter whether you own or rent the place, decorating it your way, with the objects and colors you like, will make the house look like you, and you will feel more comfortable being in home sweet home. Decorating the house is too good, the feeling we get when we move a simple sofa is a renewal of the environment. Some people can’t live without change, others can’t stand the fact that things are moving. But does decorating the house provide any benefit to our emotional health? Everything! It generates good mood, self-esteem, joy, a feeling of warmth and comfort, and has a direct impact on our emotional health. We’ll give you some reasons to understand how good change does:

Print your personality: No matter if the place where you live is yours or rented, decorating your way with the objects and colors you like, will make the house look like you and you will feel more comfortable being in the home sweet home. Children are gone: recently separated? Redecorate! It’s a fact of life. Marriages end, children grow up and take wing, leaving the nest empty, and on every wall is stamped the word “saudade” (homesickness), isn’t it? This moment in a parent’s life is not easy, but it is necessary. Do you know how to increase the well-being inside your home? By decorating! New colors on the walls, new sofa, if possible turn the child’s room into an office or studio. It is necessary to deconstruct a memory in order to build a new one.

Midnight Garden Kit by Jinny Beyer | Midnight garden, Quilts, Garden line

Work on your creativity: Decorating your home is something that requires “thinking”, creativity, and maybe even a little research. But keeping the mind active, whether studying, reading, or decorating is very good for mental health. A renovation requires strategy and logistics, that is, analyzing measurements, purchasing materials, budgeting, which furniture goes with the chosen colors, reusing and recycling furniture, an endless list of tasks. A construction site is something quite complex and this certainly takes your brain out of its comfort zone. Organization of environments: As the years go by, we tend to accumulate unnecessary things. And there is nothing like a good renovation to force us to put an end to what is no longer useful. A new closet forces you to look through all your clothes and you may realize that you don’t use 20% of what you have stored taking up space. A new painting or wallpaper makes you realize how obsolete your furniture is.

Make your home functional: A functional environment is possibly a planned environment. With the boom in real estate many people have bought new properties, which are quite compact. Their furniture if not planned tends to make the environment not very functional. Therefore, a remodeling plan can help you a lot, in circulation, ventilation, and lighting. The result is more comfort and well-being inside the house. But WHAT ARE FUNCTIONAL HOUSES? The name itself already gives a clue about the characteristics of this type of property: buildings mostly composed of areas that fulfill the functions for which they were intended. The utility of these spaces is defined at the beginning of the project and considered during the execution of the work or remodel. The result? Practical, pleasant houses that collaborate for the good performance of all the activities they house. The goal is to make the residents’ daily routine easier, so that they can carry out their daily tasks on time and without any difficulty. Several strategies can be adopted to apply the concept of functionality in a residence. Examples range from the installation of ergonomic furniture in the rooms to the choice of versatile objects – which go beyond decoration to offer one or more uses.


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