Mexican Star Quilt

THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PATCHWORK AND PATCHWORK – A patchwork quilt has no planning. In grandma’s time, one would use the scraps left over from various previous jobs, such as personal clothes, sheets, and towels, and patch them together in order to take advantage of these scraps. The result was almost always a quilt with chaotic color combinations, not always harmonious and without planned and aesthetic designs.

In the patchwork quilt, the old-fashioned way, only patches are joined together. Patchwork, on the other hand, uses planning and studies to arrive at complex designs with colors in harmony. It is not simple “patchwork” that is used. Pieces of fabric are obtained from cuts in whole fabrics. You buy fabrics, often imported and expensive, especially for this.

Different techniques are used to make a patchwork work. One uses color theory to achieve balance. Perhaps it is no exaggeration to say that Patchwork is the poor cousin, while Patchwork is the rich cousin. A Patchwork quilt would be a spontaneous exercise. If it begins to be programmed it ceases to be a patchwork and becomes a patchwork. Quilting, a sewing technique in which two layers of fabric, usually with an insulating inner layer, are sewn together with several rows of stitches. It has long been used for clothing in China, the Middle East, North Africa, and the colder areas of Europe, but is now mainly associated with the construction of bedspreads and wall hangings.

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Making a bedspread is a multi-step process that first involves creating a quilt top, usually assembled from blocks made by cutting patches and then sewing them together or applying cut-out shapes to a backing. Rebates, or filling, made of cotton, polyester, wool, or flannel are placed in sandwich-like layers between the quilt top and the lining of the quilt. The three layers are basted or pinned together, and the quilting design is marked on the top and quilted (sewn) in small, regular stitches by hand, sewing machine, or commercial quilting machine. Quilt designs can be geometric or figural, and the quality of the quilt depends largely on the fineness of the stitching and the combination of appropriate designs with the piecing. The layers of a quilt can instead be stabilized by being tied at intervals with thread, yarn, or narrow ribbon. The raw outer edges of the quilt are usually turned together or covered with a binding.

Antique quilts: According to Folk Art in American Life by Robert Bishop and Jacqueline M. Atkins (1995), quilting “became known in Europe during the Crusades , when it was learned that the Turks used various thicknesses of quilted fabric under their armor. In northern Europe, where the climate is usually harsh … this technique offered warmth as well as protection, and was quickly extended to blankets and various forms of clothing. ” Although small fragments of depatchwork have been found in excavations of tombs in Asia and the Middle East, the earliest extant quilts may be two large 14th-century integral (i.e., whole, not patched) Sicilian pieces whose white surfaces are heavily decorated with trapunto, also known as thread quilting or upholstery. One quilt is in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London , the other in the Bargello Museum in Florence. Both feature scenes from the chivalric legend of Tristan and Isolde . The expertise demonstrated in these pieces indicates that they were part of an accomplished and highly evolved craft.


  • Muslin is a great choice for the back fabric. It comes in larger sizes so you don’t have to splice pieces, and it is 100% cotton. You can dye it to match your project.
  • You may want to practice with smaller quilts before starting a huge one.
  • It is helpful to have a hoop if you are going to sew the quilt by hand. It keeps the fabric in place and free of wrinkles and folds.


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