Lollipop Swirl Raw Edge Quilt

Lollipop Swirl Raw Edge Quilt, an incredible and modern work that must be done with peace of mind and that brings a spectacular result. This bedspread in the decoration of the room can leave the environment happy and sweet, in addition to being very delicate.

It is worth making products like this that exalt our craftsmanship. Explained in a clear way, this tutorial can be carried out with ease and practicality.

Remember, the colors of your bedspread vary according to your taste, so make a good choice. Select your fabric according to the decoration of the room you want to place.

Geta's Quilting Studio: Lollipops Quilt Pattern | Christmas quilt patterns,  Quilt patterns, Applique quilts

This type of bedspread is present in your home, always well prepared to receive your visits. It is a good option for merchandise for sale, as it is an innovative piece and needs time to be completed. Certainly, when doing your job, you have the habit of having several doubts about how it is the best way to do a perfect job, and we know what it is to have this questioning. However, with care and tranquility it is possible to produce incredible works. The bedspread is the type of craft that, although easy, may require more patience when structuring the piece.

This type of craft really requires a lot of time and more tools, but its great completion shows that it is worth the dedication that we have in the construction of this piece. Gradually the beauty of the piece becomes apparent and will make the decoration of the place much more beautiful and comfortable. The set can be finished with flowers and compose other pieces on carpets and mats.

Free Pattern - Lollipop Swirl Raw Edge Applique by Geta Grama


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