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Crochet in decoration is a delight! It has embellished the homes of several generations, and continues to be a trend in interiors. In this post we will talk a little about the history of crochet, and especially about how it can be explored in interior decoration, read on, and learn more. Not today that crochet is used to compose the decor of many homes. The crochet kitchen set for example, can bring more color to the environment or if it has more simple stitches and colors on top, also gives a touch of delicacy in simple kitchen decor.

For you who like this technique and want to give more joy and a touch of creativity in decorating your home here you will see some models of crochet kitchen set that will certainly inspire you to put your hand to work.

How to decorate and models of crochet kitchen set – There are several models of crochet kitchen set, some of these models come with several pieces such as crochet table path, carpet, cover for cylinder, pull bag crochet and crochet cover for appliances. The crocheted kitchen set with colorful flowers is best suited for kitchens decorated in neutral tones, so the room doesn’t look too heavy. Below you can see a beautiful model of crochet flower kitchen set, a very delicate inspiration with only one crochet flower in each piece. Some models of crochet flowers have very large flowers that become the highlight of the kitchen decoration. Although we think that the crochet kitchen set matches more rustic environments or a decoration style “grandma’s house”, the crochet set for modern kitchen can also ensure a cool style.

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If your kitchen has a more contemporary style and you want to use a crochet kitchen set, invest in models that do not have many details and with neutral colors like the crochet mat set for kitchen. But of course, there are other crocheted kitchen sets with more fun shapes and colors. If you are skilled and enjoy crocheting, how about investing your time in a crocheted fruit mat set? It looks beautiful, fun and has everything to do with the environment, right! You can also make a crocheted kitchen set with several pieces to cover your appliances. The great thing about decorating with a crocheted string kitchen set is that you can make your own pieces if you like craftsmanship. If you are not very skilled with crochet, invest in a crochet kitchen mat set, as the stitches are simpler and do not require as much skill.

A tip for those who want to make a crochet mat set for kitchen is to put anti-slip product on the kitchen floor, or even install an anti-slip screen under the crochet set for kitchen, so you can prevent accidents from occurring inside the house. But if you really master the art of crochet create a crochet kitchen set in string that contains several pieces, with more elaborate details and with enough creativity. The crocheted kitchen set doesn’t always have to be the traditional one with towel, stove cover, filter, appliances and bag puller, there is a very creative way of making crocheted kitchen sets. You can create crocheted fruit bowls and bread baskets that look great for setting the dining room table for a cup of coffee. And another crochet kitchen set that also looks great for table decoration is the crochet sousplat. The sousplat is used under the plate so as not to dirty the tablecloth and also to decorate the table.


Lily Sugar'n Cream Dippity Doo Dah Knit Dishcloth, Version 1 |  Yarnspirations

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