Lily Sugar’n Cream Crochet Cactus Tote

The cactus, whose name originates from Latin, which comes from Greek κάκτος (kaktos), symbolizes endurance, strength, and adaptation. It is a plant that originated in North and South America, and has a variation called Rhipsalis baccifera, which grows in Africa and Sri Lanka. It has several types of species and variations, besides symbolizing persistence, for being able to survive very arid and hot ecosystems, such as deserts, caatingas, and cerrados. It has a resistance that few plants have. The cactus has several spines around it that serve as protection, besides having the unique ability to store water and be juicy inside, using mechanisms that prevent water loss through transpiration.

Although it is not the most inviting plant in terms of outer beauty, it has a beautiful interior capable of providing several benefits for itself, besides having species that produce fruits and flowers. Spiritual meaning of the cactus: The cactus in Chinese Feng Shui science is considered the guardian, the one who protects the house. It purifies the environment, ridding the place of toxins and providing good energy to the home. For Native Americans, the cactus represents protection and resistance. It is a symbol of help in difficult situations. The yellow cactus flower also symbolizes warmth and protection, and is related to the maternal and caring spirit.

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Cactus symbolism as a gift: As a resistant and adaptable plant, besides having a strong exterior and a beautiful interior, it has a symbolism of strength and persistence when given as a gift. The cactus can be given to people who are going through a difficult situation and need to stand firm, or to someone who needs to fulfill a goal, or even to an individual who is in a new situation, in a different environment, and needs to adapt. The cactus can also be a great love gift for a couple who want something that symbolizes the desire for their union to be lasting and firm.

According to Feng Shui, cacti are considered Guardians, because they purify environments, and, according to the experts of this ancient technique, cacti act as a barrier to the gamma rays emitted by computers and TV sets. Cacti, because they live in isolated, arid regions, help people to know their inner strength in moments of loneliness. Because cacti store water (an element that symbolizes feelings and emotions) inside their stems, they favor those who are very protective of their own emotions. The thorns may seem hostile, but they are part of the survival strategy of the plant, natural of arid climates and difficult terrains, transmitting protection and security to its bearer. Having them around is a reminder of vitality, persistence, and integration with everything around us.

Cactus flower: Cactus flowers symbolize perseverance and steadfastness, they are showy and strong. For them to bloom and grow, the climate must be ideal. They are mostly large and come in various sizes and colors, and some are fragrant. A number of cactus species are also capable of producing fruit, the best known is the prickly pear, responsible for producing the prickly pear or pitaya. Cactus, known scientifically as Cactaceae, is a plant that contains more than 2273 species around the world. With this, their varieties of flowers, leaves and shapes attract a lot of attention. Some species bear edible fruit, as is the case with the pitaya, a white and pink fruit that looks quite amazing to behold.


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