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How to decorate a kitchen? Do you know how to decorate a kitchen? This question seems simple and the answer “be functional” is not ideal, after all a perfect kitchen needs to unite two worlds – functionality and decoration. That’s right, to have a perfect kitchen the union between functionality and decoration are essential, after all who wants to spend hours cooking in a functional but dull environment? The same is also true when it is too decorated, but not functional at all, and that makes the day to day life more difficult. And if you don’t want to make the mistake of having a dull kitchen, in this post we will teach you how to decorate a kitchen with tips that will unite the world of functionality and decoration, leaving the inspiring environment to make delicious dishes and cozy to receive family and friends.

Many people judge the simple as something not very elaborate. But here, simple can be very elaborate! And, speaking of which, the simple kitchen is a great example of this. Being one of the most frequented spaces in the house, this living area requires a functional decoration with all the basic elements, but without losing that charm. Therefore, we have selected several ideas for simple kitchen decoration for you to get inspired and apply in your corner to receive friends and family in an even more beautiful and comfortable space. Make good use of the available area, as well as complement the composition with what is really necessary and turn the simple into extraordinary!

Decorating the kitchen is essential. Not sure how to get started? Transform the room with some simple and easy decorating tips. Having a decorated kitchen is simpler than it seems. With a few basic tricks it is possible to renovate the entire environment and thus ensure a familiar and even cozier space. However, for many people investing in kitchen decoration is a complicated task. If you are in doubt about how to bring personality to the room in a practical way and how to decorate a kitchen, the Craft For The World helps you transform the environment into the space of your dreams! Check out our practical and easy tips that can make all the difference:

  • Decorate the walls: You can change the look of the kitchen with a simple change in the walls. It’s as simple as that! To do so, ceramics, use wallpapers, tiles or paints in your favorite shades. Forget the rules that say that small environments need light colors. The important thing is that the kitchen looks like you. This way, preparing recipes will be much more fun and cozy! If the space is large enough, the tip is to create personalized corners. Have you ever thought of having a coffee corner? This is the moment to make your dream come true! Besides the essential utensils, such as cups and coffee pots, decorate the wall with pictures, decorative plates, or even a wall-mouse.
  • Out of space? Use shelves! Much more economical than cabinets, shelves convey a sense of spaciousness and decorate at a low cost. You can choose materials in natural tones or paint the shelves in the same colors as the main furniture. Then, choose some of the utensils mentioned in the previous tip and distribute them in a harmonious and organized way. Items such as plates, glasses and cups are washed daily, so they do not accumulate dust on the shelves. Thus, the space is always clean! One suggestion is to invest in colorful items, such as plant pots and colorful cutlery holders, to highlight the environment. The more personalized it is, the better and more exclusive the space will be.
  • Plant pots cannot be missing: Everybody loves a little plant! And in the kitchen decoration they bring charm and warmth in a simple way. The most important thing is to check the needs of your favorite species. After all, if the kitchen has no windows, you can’t have a plant that needs natural light. Flower pots look great as a centerpiece or on the counter. Larger plants can be placed in floor vases next to the refrigerator, or in small corners that do not hinder circulation. The foliage, on the other hand, gives an incredible effect on the décor, especially the hanging species. In this case, prefer to leave them in high places, so that the leaves fall on the furniture and make the kitchen look sophisticated. The fern is a great suggestion because it doesn’t need direct sunlight or much ventilation.


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