Lily Sugar’n Cream Alligator Pencil Case

“Kit” is an English word that means a set of objects or materials put together for a certain purpose – so what does a good crochet kit need to have? It’s true that to crochet you don’t need a lot of materials. Thread, needle, and hands are the basics to get started. However, having a few more items at your disposal when creating will expand your possibilities even further. Let’s see what a good crochet kit needs to have? Yarns – Having yarns of various textures, colors, and thicknesses allows you to create amazing pieces. Different yarns can be combined to obtain unusual results. It all depends on the project we want to execute, but it is certain that having several options of yarns helps a lot in the creative process.

Needles – We also find a wide variety of needles when it comes to crochet. There are needles of various materials and sizes. We have a whole article just talking about this subject. There you will find precious tips on how to choose your needles. However, we can say in advance that a good kit should have needles of various sizes. This is because each project, effect, and desired finish will require a specific needle size. Therefore, having several options is fundamental! And speaking of finishing, a good crochet kit must have a finishing needle so that the pieces are finished correctly – keep an eye on it! Let’s review? To know if a crochet kit is good we need: Variety of yarns + variety of needles + a lacing needle. Right?

Lily Sugar'n Cream Alligator Pencil Case | Yarnspirations

Crochet for Beginners – If you are looking for crochet tips for beginners and need to get some fleas out from behind your ears, don’t be shy, this moment is all yours! Read our post, clear up a few questions, and if you want to ask us anything else, just write here in the comments when you’re done reading! Are you ready? So, let’s get to it! What materials do I need to start crocheting? We could say just thread and needle. But we also recommend that you have a stitch marker and scissors on hand. If you want to know more about these products, just click on each of the images. The thread and needle are the north of your work. But, as nobody is perfect, especially when you are just starting out, it is very common that some unforeseen things happen, such as knots in the threads, or you need to undo so much of a row to remake it, that the thread loses its quality. The stitch marker is also important in cases where you need to control when a row begins and ends, especially in round pieces and amigurumi. What are the basic crochet stitches? Among the basic crochet stitches are the famous little chains, the high stitch, the low stitch, and the very low stitch. With these stitches you can create almost anything in crochet. Most pieces are a great combination of all of these!

What are charts and recipes? How do I read them? You know a cake recipe? Crochet pieces also have recipes. Besides giving you a list of the materials you will need, they also teach you how to do the work. Some magazines, or step by steps (which we usually call PAPs), have the recipe written out in full. But others will ask you at some point to read the chart. The chart is nothing more than a drawing of the structure of the piece, but with symbols. In crochet, each stitch has a symbol. And a chart is a collection of symbols that form a drawing, which is your piece. Reading charts requires attention, but is not difficult.


Lily Sugar'n Cream Alligator Pencil Case | Yarnspirations | Crochet pencil case, Pencil case, Diy crochet

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