Lily Pad Baby Quilt

Lily Pad Baby Quilt is a unique piece of work and where you decide to place it will make everything even more beautiful and with a modern touch and best of all cozy, so it is worth investing in pieces of this type, which come with a mix of benefits. It is a very well explained pattern in the tutorial, and this is a work made with material easily found in craft stores. It is a practical quilt in many ways, as it is very easy to make and you can go out and when you get home it will always be ready to welcome your visitors. Well, if you are worried and have doubts, you don’t have to worry, because it is normal when you start a new job, you have some doubts about what is the best way to make a perfect job, but the secret is often to be calm and dedicated, it is also important to remember that with love and patience simply EVERYTHING is possible, even those jobs that you think are impossible.

These types of jobs, while relatively easy, require a little more attention when it comes to putting them together, because it is important that they are done as planned. By doing this, the beauty of the piece appears, and thus encourages you to continue. You are forbidden to think about giving up, always believe in your potential and keep going until you succeed. This type of work, like the others, requires time, but the beautiful result makes it worth all the dedication you will put into making this pattern.

As for colors, fabrics, and patterns, this is up to you or your client (it’s a great option to get extra red at the end of the month!). This type of work, like the others, takes time, but the beautiful result makes it worth all the dedication you will have in setting this pattern. As for colors, fabrics, and prints, this is up to you or your client (it’s a great option to get some extra money at the end of the month!).

TUTORIAL: Lily Pad Baby Quilt | Baby quilt tutorials, Baby quilts, Half  square triangle quilts pattern

Important things to know about colors and which ones to use in your design:

Primary, secondary and tertiary colors – In addition to the sensations that colors cause, they are divided by how they relate to each other. The primary colors are the pure colors, which do not originate from the combination of others, they are: yellow, red and blue. The secondary colors result from the mixture of two primary colors: yellow and red become orange, red and blue become violet, and blue and yellow become green. The tertiary colors are derived from the union of a primary and a secondary color. There are also neutral colors, ranging between shades of brown and gray. Since they are derived from black and white, these colors have little reflection and are not present in the chromatic circle, which can be seen below.
Complementary colors – These are the colors that appear on opposite sides of the chromatic circle. The mixture of complementary colors gives rise to shades of gray, or black, when combined in equal proportion. When two colors of this type are placed very close to each other, they present a high contrast.

Have you ever heard of RGB and CMYK? Do you know what they mean? Meaning of RGB – RGB is a color scale that combines percentages of red, green and blue light, respectively called Red, Green, Blue. It is the type of system applied in luminous screens, such as TVs and monitors. Meaning of CMYK – CMYK is a color classification widely used in the laser printing process. Its acronym derives from the terms Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, English names for the colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black, respectively.

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