Lily Climbing Leaves Crochet Tote Bag

Crocheted handbag: see how to include this handmade piece in your style! In a world where fast fashion has been increasingly rethought and manual productions have acquired their space, the crochet bag wins the heart of many women. Its style that unites the rustic with the delicate is capable of producing incredible combinations. The crochet stitches allow for impressive variations and motifs that seem to come out of the fabric so well done.

On top of all this, crochet is a durable product that gives you a beautiful bag for the rest of your life. There is no reason not to fall in love with crocheted handbags. Being a handmade piece, the crocheted bag is the perfect item for you to unleash your imagination and use different shapes and colors.

Handmade work is increasingly valued, especially in fashion. Present in the Brazilian roots, handmade is highlighted in runways all over the world. And one of the pieces that has won the streets is the crochet bag. Made with needles and special threads, they are great options to innovate your look. With varied wefts, the bags can easily go from a work lunch to a more sophisticated party. Perfect to be used with lighter looks such as dresses and skirts, crochet bags are a practical and modern solution, especially for pieces that do not have pockets. Available in several sizes, you can carry just your cell phone, wallet, and keys, or even carry what you need for a picnic in the park or a day at the beach! The brand Crochet with Paty, specialized in customized pieces, has launched three models of bags to be used with lighter looks. The crochet pieces have the look of the coming seasons: warm, light, and colorful.

Crochet handbags are certainly the accessory of the moment. Abroad, big names in fashion like Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino have already launched their versions. And, of course, in Brazil the bet also emerges strongly for the coming seasons. Whether in winter or summer, it is possible to adapt the colors and textures to use the bag all year round. In addition, the hit now is to combine several crochet pieces in the same look. Since handicrafts are on the rise, the piece stands out along with hats and bikinis made with the same technique. Thus, we have gathered the main news, inspirations and, of course, step by step instructions to bet on the trend. The fashion world has long been dating handmade techniques, with a craftcore footprint. As a result, crochet has become the center of the season. And the trend is still going strong in Milan, where crochet bags are present in the window of Marni and also featured in Valentino Garavani’s store.

Because crochet bags will give that special touch of beauty when you go out. And no matter the circumstance, there are crochet bags for all hours, for work and even for a wedding. From the most formal to the most casual. Forget any memories or prejudices with this type of handbag. You will be surprised with so many finishes and models that currently exist when it comes to crochet handbags! Stripped – The stripped bags are young and modern, always presenting a freedom of color and usually made with thinner yarns. And because of this, they have a softer finish in the final result. Essential for those who love a style more detached from rules and combinations. Supercolorful – Colorful bags are great options for going out on leisure days, no matter the occasion, it can be a park or the beach, for example. But they always carry the emotions of that most cheerful and fun season. Often adding a real “up” to the look. Generally, they have several colors or only one vibrant color.


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