Lily Botanical Crochet Dishcloth

It is not new that crochet has become a big trend. Of French origin, this handmade and totally manual technique can be seen for many years as part of the decoration of a home, and is also considered a therapeutic activity by those who perform this work that requires a lot of skill and patience. Passed down from generation to generation, crochet never falls into disuse because it is timeless, and also because it is easy to adapt to the present. If used with creativity, it can provide warmth in winter, add color and texture to environments, add a personal touch to the contemporary, be part of a more minimalist choice, or renew the energy and look of dull furniture, all without losing that retro and cozy air of grandma’s house. And you can add it in different ways: through a beautiful bedspread on the bed, a blanket on the sofa, a colorful pillow, a rustic cachepô, charming covers for benches or armchairs, among other options!

Crochet is a wild card in decoration. Besides bringing color and texture, it also warms up all the rooms in the house during the colder seasons. And who doesn’t love a beautiful and cozy space at the same time? For lovers of an original decor, crochet is the ideal choice: produced in a handmade way, it adds more richness and exclusivity to each piece. Using manual techniques to weave knitted threads, the Women of Mafra transform waste from the textile industry into beautiful decorative objects.

Lily Botanical Crochet Dishcloth | Yarnspirations

Who doesn’t want a well-decorated and cozy home, right? However, when it comes to creating the visual identity of an environment, it is normal for people to feel lost with so much information. After all, there are several decoration styles and each one has its own particularities. The ideal is to choose one that reflects the personality of the residents and that all the elements harmonize with each other. But this is not such an easy task. Therefore, we have separated several ways to decorate your home that you can’t miss. Pay attention to each one and find out which one best suits your profile. What is the difference between decoration and trend?

Before we move on to the decoration styles, it is interesting to be clear about this difference. A style is a trademark, it can gain new nuances over the years, but its essence remains the same. The trend, on the other hand, changes periodically; what is in fashion now, may not be so in a few months time. When it comes to interior design, it’s important to understand this transience so that you can rely on styles, not just trends, when making your choices.

Anyone has ever searched for different types of decoration, either because they wanted to change the face of their home or because they were building a new house. Even though we can’t always make our homes look like the pictures on the Internet, it is possible to adapt the decoration trends to our home. If you love decorating, you know that it is very pleasant to choose a style (or mix several) when decorating the rooms in your home. How about, then, finding out which style best suits your personality? HOW TO CHOOSE THE TYPE OF DECORATION? It is important to pay attention to a few points before choosing your preferred decoration style, because besides being beautiful, your decoration needs to be functional.


Lily Botanical Crochet Dishcloth | Yarnspirations

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