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Have you ever thought of using patchwork prints in your home decor? Then know that this is a very interesting trend for those who are interested in craft activities and want to give that special feeling at home! After all, technology allows you to explore your creativity and artistic talents, adding more color and harmony to the environment. Learn now what is a patchwork and how to use this resource to customize the style of your home! What is patchwork and what are the characteristics of this technique?

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Patchwork is an artistic technique that involves the joining of different materials to create different mosaics, designs, and patterns. Usually, this work is done with fabrics, which are named in English, meaning “retail work”.The origin of patchwork dates back to the origin of sewing itself. Egyptian pharaohs in the 9th century B.C. already wore clothes with similar techniques. Currently, the trend has returned with force, due to the enormous amount of materials and tools that contribute to the realization of this work. In Brazil alone, this market moves more than R$ 13.6 billion per year, which reveals its prominence.

How to use patchwork prints in home decoration? There are several ways to use patchwork prints in your home. After all, this work is very versatile and can be chosen according to your profile and the decoration of your home. Check out some suggestions below!

  • On specific pieces of furniture in the house: By applying the technique in some specific points, such as the bed, the sofa, or the kitchen table, it will be possible to bring some highlight to environments that are usually more classic. Besides using the trend in furniture covers, such as bedspreads, sheets, and linings, it is also possible to cover them in patchwork. For example, if you cover drawers, cabinets, or desks with fabrics, you can create a decoration with a different and very original effect. One thing to keep in mind is that patchwork is an important technique to give personality to your home decor, thanks to its creative freedom. Those who have a milder personality, for example, can use the resource to harmonize and express this mildness in some parts of the house. A good example is to combine a more delicate covering, such as Rhythm White or Mosaico Bianco, with some furniture decorated in patchwork with soft tones, such as a pastel pink or soft lilac. In this example, the use of patchwork in furniture decoration helps to express the personality of the homeowner and harmonizes with the other elements of the room.
  • As a source of harmonious color: Good color work has the potential to make your home very harmonious, and investing in patchwork prints, whether on fabric or lining, can help a lot. This is because one of the great attractions of this technique is its ability to unite colors and patterns, combining them in innovative ways. Different patches or mosaic pieces help to merge several shades in the same environment. Therefore, patchwork in decoration, whether on the wall, on the floor, on objects, or on furniture, ties the color combination of the room together and brings it to life.
  • In contrast with the environment: In addition to harmonizing the colors in an environment, patchwork prints can have exactly the opposite effect: create contrast. Imagine a room with an earth-colored floor, beige walls, gray carpet, and a graphite sofa. It seems like a very serious place, don’t you agree? In this case, a decorative patchwork blanket in stronger and more vibrant shades would transform the room. As you can see, patchwork prints are a powerful trend to enhance your home decor. After all, a few simple touches can bring life, warmth, and elegance to any room! And this is just one of the techniques that have this restoring power! Another simple element that can make a difference in your decoration are the ceramic baseboards. So, check out right now how and where to use them!


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