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Today we are here to talk about the patchwork kit and show you what the basic tools are for those who want to start working now. If you already work with patchwork or if you are just starting out in this activity, it is essential to know the importance of the basic tools needed to do this work in a less laborious way and, above all, to have more professional results. Patchwork is on the rise nowadays, being a very lucrative activity, besides being therapeutic and fun, not to mention being on the list of best-selling handicrafts.

For those who look at it from the outside, this activity may seem simple to do. However, there are some necessary items to start making patchwork. Here in this article you will learn what these items are and what uses they have in this branch of craftsmanship. So stay tuned to our tips before getting your hands dirty and start assembling your patchwork kit as soon as possible.

First: What is patchwork? You may never have heard the word patchwork before, but you have certainly seen – or even bought – a piece made of patchwork. Generally speaking, patchwork is a technique where several different fabric cut-outs are joined together to form geometric figures. These cuts can be symmetrical or asymmetrical – it will vary according to your taste, or that of the client. Patchwork made with asymmetrical cuts is called “unstructured patchwork”. Conventionally, this technique is done with the help of a sewing machine. However, many people prefer to do patchwork by hand – usually using glue – when applying the technique to surfaces such as walls and MDF boxes.

Shortcut Quilt: Jolly Bar Jump - The Jolly Jabber Quilting Blog

What are Quilt, Block, and Applique patchwork? For anyone who wants to know what materials are needed to get started in patchwork, these 3 little words are key. First, you need to know that patchwork can involve the layering of three layers, which are:

  • The top: which are the patches sewn together;
  • The filling: which is the material used to add volume to the work;
  • The lining: which is the fabric used on the bottom/inside to give a better finish;
    These three layers are overlapped and joined by stitching. These stitches are called a quilt. The quilt consists of continuous machine-made designs. It can be done in the shape of arabesques, hearts, and many others. The quilt makes the finish much more beautiful and professional.
  • Patchwork Block: The patchwork block is the joining of fabric cuttings into new patterns. You can identify the blocks of a patchwork even with the finished piece, if you already know/work with the technique.
  • Appliques: Patches are nothing less than the fabrics applied over the base fabric. These appliqués can be made of the most diverse designs, such as those of little animals, dolls, flowers, butterflies, etc.


Shortcut Quilt: Jolly Bar Jump - The Jolly Jabber Quilting Blog

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