Jolly Bar Dovetail Shortcut Quilt

Quilting is a very complex subject and although many people say it is very difficult to learn. It is a technique that if one person can do it, you can too! The secret is healthy, healthy and lots of it. So let’s start, right! Actually, we have to understand what Quilting is for. Quilting serves to join the three layers: top, mantle, and lining. But when we quilt too much the piece, it will be a firm piece that is not as comfortable to sleep on.

So we can work with pieces so that we can quilt as little as possible, to make a piece more comfortable. So, that is one thing that we have to think about before we quilt a garment. For the pieces that are well worked in quilting, they can be used in the American games, quilts to decorate the bed for example. Decide on the quilting that will be used in the piece. In a piece that the neutral zone is large this is an ideal to use and abuse of the elaborate designer, you can leave a colored part un-knotted to gain a highlight. You can also play with the designers as in zigzag, wavy, curl, snake, squares and many other designers. The free quilt, made without designs or presets, with a preset machine foot, or free quilting foot, leaves the machine movements free and allows you to sew in any direction, without having to turn the shapes.

FREE Jolly Bar Quilt Patterns - The Jolly Jabber Quilting Blog

Straight quilting, on the other hand, is done with a special Walking Foot, it helps you work with greater the work by providing greater precision. Some models come with a sewing guide guide that helps you work in a straight line without having to perform. But nothing prevent you from quilting with your own presser foot that comes with the machine, the Walking foot makes the work much easier. There is also hand quilting which, although discouraged, is preferred by most, especially those who do traditional quilting. For quilting, use special threads. In the market we find a range of brands and colors and prices, of course! I love the embroidery threads, because they are shiny and very resistant. We can choose threads in the same color as the fabric or contrasting colors are also beautiful. I particularly like the white thread. I like it highlighted in the work.

To start quilting you must have some accessories such as a seam ripper, scissors, a quilting glove that will help your hand not to slip. Another thing that helps a lot when quilting is to have an extension table and some silicone spray to help your work glide better. Attach all the layers with basting, glue spray, safety pins, or regular pins with a little piece of EVA on the end so they don’t hurt. These are resources that help a lot when quilting, however, if the work is for a baby, do not use spray glue to avoid the risk of causing allergies. Another thing that we have to observe is the size of the stitch is a line of the line, however this you will have to find out with your machine. Each model works in a different way and what works for one doesn’t always work for the other, so just test. Many like zero or machine stitch, and will determine the size of the stitch with the speed of the foot and the speed that I move the work.

However, on modern machines that makes it much easier on the machine teeth. For the older machines that don’t have these features you can take care of the machine teeth with tape and work as normal. So you have no excuses for not quilting your pieces. To start quilting we have to fish the thread. What is this? Actually, you lower the needle from above and lower the needle from you and hold the thread behind. Then at the end of the work you will knot the thread and hide it inside the work with the help of a needle. Or you can use the knotting stitch that the machines have. You must remember that before I said that Quilting needs a lot of training, before you start quilting everything you must first slim down on a paper and design. With this your brain will manage a connection to the design and easier to quilting.


FREE Jolly Bar Quilt Patterns - The Jolly Jabber Quilting Blog

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