Jelly Roll Railway

Pull out a favorite 2 1/2 ″ strip of gelatin for this versatile bedspread. Depending on the colors you choose and their placement, you can give this patchwork quilt any personality. The bedspread caught our attention for the first time when we discovered Myra’s version of Busy Hands Quilts. We love your color choices and changes. Notice how she used hourglass blocks at intersections to give the bedspread a totally different look. You will find many other examples of the bedspread below. They are in various sizes.

Quilting is a technique used in crafts and means quilting, it has been for thousands of years together with Patchwork, a partner in the world of crafts. The technique requires precision and whimsy, which greatly values ​​the works for being unique and handcrafted. Imported fabrics and materials are often used, creating a beautiful, completely handmade work. You may have heard of it, but do you really know what quilting is? We decided to start quilting without even knowing what quilting was! And we are sure that we are not the only ones who have already fallen for this “prank”. So let’s understand so we can communicate with the whole world! Let’s start at the beginning, right? What is quilt? Quilt is a textile piece that consists of the permanent overlapping and joining of at least three layers:

1) The top
2) The blanket
3) The lining

Just to emphasize and guarantee the perfect understanding, then: quilt = final piece! What is quilting? Quilting is defined as the seam that passes through the three layers of top, blanket and lining joining these three layers in a single final product.

And just to be clear: quilting = sewing that transforms a quilting sandwich into a quilt! Is there a quilt without quilting? Yes, it even exists. Some quilts are totally devoid of quilting. And some quilts have their layers joined by us distributed by the piece. If you want to participate in any contest, however, quilting is a requirement!

And quilting values ​​the final piece too much, because it enhances the project and adds details and texture to the work! Quilting is the “something else” that makes all the difference in a textile art piece! Good quilting in one piece can be the difference between a mediocre piece and an amazing piece! And it can be done in Patchwork, Quilts, Blankets, Bags, Necessaires! Everything that can be made of fabric can be quilted! Why do we think it is essential to differentiate these two terms? As we said before, this is almost a “gotcha”. Even today, we see a lot of people refer to quiltING using only the word quilt.

For example, “how to quilt free” and things like that.

Jelly Roll Railway Quilt Free Pattern | Quilts, Easy quilts, Churn dash  quilt

And what’s the problem with that?
Well, to start with, it’s a big problem if you want to talk about it. And this can be exemplified by the following sentence by David Ogilvy (considered the father of advertising) “Communication is not what you say, it is what others understand” If we want quilting to grow as a profession and activity in our country, the first thing is to provide the most appropriate access to information possible. That’s why we insist: quilt is not quilting.

The pattern, provided by Fat Quarter Shop, includes instructions for 4 sizes:

  • Crib – 40 ½” x 40 ½”
  • Throw – 61 ½” x 78 ½”
  • Twin – 63 ½” x 89”
  • Queen – 97 ½” x 97 ½”


Happy Quilting: Jelly Roll Railway Quilt

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