Jaunty Snowmen Crochet

Hello people who follow our site, these crochet templates for you to make at Christmas! These patterns are usually classics at Christmas. Christmas is one of the most anticipated times of the year! After all, gathering all your loved ones, preparing and / or making a delicious supper, exchanging gifts, updating vows, renewing vows is contagious and, with the right decoration, the holiday spirit is even more evident! Today we will learn a crochet pattern for you to use as a Christmas decoration, we will help you to understand a little more and even show an amazing work, just with us and we will do it.

Today we will learn one more post about simple, inexpensive Christmas decorations, and to keep on steaming up your preparations, we separate this post further to help you fill your home or any environment with joy, warmth and, of course, respecting your personality. !

These pattern are very easy to make and you can differentiate your home with this decoration. This pattern, called Jaunty Snowmen which was designed by Marsha Glassner, is also very much in demand at Christmas time, so dapper snowmen are all dressed in their holiday top hats and ready to dress your table! Measures approximately 12 inches (26 lines), which furthermore leaves your home a true charm.

Try to think of decorating out of the other ornaments that complement the environment, not to overdose. It is impossible to make mistakes, for example, with softer covers and shades of fabric, with less flashy patterns such as garlands, geometric, flowers, snowflakes, blankets. If the room needs a festive flair, highlight it with its distinctive colors (green and red) and fun patterns with iconic phrases or Christmas figures like Santa Claus, reindeer, penguin, snowman, bell, pine, all of which are icons. . . at Christmas time;

PATTERN PDF: Jaunty Snowmen

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