Interlaced Stitch Crochet

Welcome, let’s go to another beautiful pattern that gives a very fantastic finish, all Interlaced Stitch Crochet… There are many crochet techniques to make and invent, some of which are typical of an area or region, such as the Tunisian stitch or the Afghan fabric. In the fabric crochet technique of Tunisia or Afghanistan, this type of crochet is distinguished by the tool used at work or by a long “Afghan” hook. You should choose a size that is at least two sizes larger than the hook you would normally use. Another feature of Tunisian crochet is that you don’t see your work between the lines. Instead, the front of the fabric is always facing each other. Typically, you create Tunisian crochet fabrics by alternating the “Next” and “Return” lines. The attacker moves the line from right to left when you get points, leaving them on the hook axis. And the return line moves from left to right when you remove the hook points.

It is not only in June parties that chess decoration goes down well. Check out how to insert it in your home. It may seem that we are going to talk about themes and decorations for June and July parties, but it is not quite like that. Believe me, chess can be used in many other occasions. Of course, in order to use this pattern, some care must be taken to ensure that it does not look too much or not enough. As it is very strong and eye-catching, the choices need to be made precisely. And that is exactly what we will show. Using chess in decoration can give that touch of life your home so much deserves. And to use them there are several possibilities, both in small points and highlighted in rooms. Now let’s get to what really matters, shall we? How to use this wonderful print.

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Checkered print on wallpaper: This is an idea for those who want to be a little more daring and really like this print. There are some very interesting ways and cool models to enhance the plaid wallpaper in your decoration. Most of them are for babies’ rooms, which look great with them, as well as couples’ rooms with a more enclosed look, and living rooms. For everything there is a possibility. Chess on the pillows: Since we have been dealing with some pillow subjects here on the blog lately, how about this cool idea of using plaid on these pieces? For a sofa with a solid color, for example, the tip for using these prints is phenomenal. For those looking for something stronger in terms of prints and upholstery, armchairs and sofas can be very cool options. But this needs to be done more sparingly and with a touch of lightness so as not to be too heavy in the environment. In addition, bedspreads and quilts can be the finishing touch in the room.

Here you will learn how to make a Tunisian crochet pattern using the basic single stitch of Tunisia. Are you looking forward to getting started? So let’s go! The video tutorial will teach you how to do it, and it’s much better because you can see how it works, as well as read it step by step and it’s best to come back as often as you need to be in doubt!!


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