Holly And Lace Doily

Welcome to Craft For The World! Hello friends! Today we brought you the Holly and Lace Doily, an inspiration for you to make at Christmas and make your home more beautiful to receive your family and friends on such an important date that it is Christmas!

Of course, we know that it might be a little early to be in a good mood for Christmas, but it is better to anticipate and be prepared for the most favorite time of the year! And that is exactly why we decided to bring this beautiful crochet pattern.

Now you want to use other colors, you can’t. After all, this model is made for Christmas, but nothing prevents you from decorating your home, is it? So, if you combine the perfect colors, it will certainly be amazing!

And we must not forget that it is worth mentioning that this is not a simple model to be produced, especially if you are new to the art of crochet. But don’t let that stop you from trying, developing and evolving with a beautiful crochet pattern. I’m sure the end result will be incredible.

Of course, the step by step just below in PDF, so let’s learn and make this beautiful crochet pattern and we will also make the free pdf available for download below.


On the Craft For The World website, we would like to thank we would like to thank Aunt Lydia for sharing and developing the Holly and Lace Doily pattern for free.

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