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Hello people following our site, these crochet models everybody loves accessories and accessories especially comfortable, beautiful and useful in their day.This type of accessory can be purchased at many Internet stores or stores, but high quality and beautiful accessories are expensive and most of us can’t afford everything we want. So if you are reading this post and have some experience in crochet, have the opportunity to crochet a new crochet backpack with your hands, which is beautiful and also very useful in this pattern in your everyday life.

For you who want to make this beautiful Backpack Crochet pattern, we have found a free video tutorial and we know that you can easily understand everything, because the author explained everything clearly and step by step from this beautiful pattern.

You who loved these backpacks and imagine how many necessary items you can put, books, clothes, lipstick, mobile and etc. If you don’t like these blue or red colors, you can create other colors you like, of course, and we think they will look great too with the color you choose, so feel free to make changes to this beautiful backpack. If you have kids and they need new backpacks for school, this is a great opportunity for you to save money, create a high quality item manually and add a few appliques as you wish.

We want to thank the author again for the design and video tutorial he is sharing with us for free below, each step by step, for making this beautiful crochet backpack pattern and good luck to you. We hope you enjoy crocheting and that the results are good and until the next pattern we will show who loves crochet as an agent.

Video tutorial

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