Namaqualand Blanket Pattern

Today we will learn how to make Namaqualand Blanket Pattern blankets. I know that the house that makes crafts always lacks space to store paints, brushes, threads, wool and everything that is used to make crafts. Here at home there is a lot of imagination and lack of space to store a multitude of trinkets, always with the excuse that one day I still need it.

I have so many wool and yarns that are in transparent boxes and separated by colors. I have kept balls of wool for over ten years.

In this post, from Pattern we will see more about this and you will learn how to create a beautiful Namaqualand blanket pattern; So, use your imagination, this crochet cover can be the size you want. The square can be made in two or more colors, tone over tone, and also in a single color, it all depends on the color you like best in this beautiful pattern.

Guys below I leave the link to this beautiful free pattern with all the information for all the people who want to make this beautiful project. Hope you like. Good job and until the next crochet pattern we will learn!

Link Pattern : Namaqualand Blanket Pattern
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