January Hat

Today we will make the January hat patterns crochet and for free. What would be better than a nice and warm hat in this freezing winter? There will be many cold days because winter has begun now. If you like accessories, this beautiful hat will be perfect for your collection. You can do an amazing thing with your clever hands.

Photo @Kelbourne Woolens

Just look at these January hat. They look beautiful in neutral colors, but of course you can choose other colors and do what you want. Christmas is coming and you need to make presents for you lovely people to make it a perfect gift for anyone. Thanks to author Courtney Kelley for the clearly explained tutorial and amazing design

Photo @Kelbourne Woolens

Today’s pattern is about a beautiful pattern called January Hat that has a modern design, doesn’t explain much what is the prettiest shape. I left a picture above to see what it looks like. If you come with me, you know I always bring things that I find beautiful to you, always keeping you up to date with new crochet patterns and techniques. Last week I shared with you a beautiful January crochet pattern, which you didn’t see, just click here January Hat, make that wonderful pattern too.

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