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Good afternoon everyone, welcome to our amazing crochet patterns website … How are your projects? So today learn a beautiful pattern for the Christmas preparations that started .. I’m very excited because this data is one of the most beloved of the year, because we gathered all the family, friends and made a beautiful supper, exchanged gifts, talked magical and unforgettable Christmas for us. And today we will learn that the famous Christmas cap is part of the typical clothes worn by Santa Claus around the world. Let’s talk a little about who was the Santa Claus, born in the United States, where he was raised by Thomas Nast in the year 1892. An outfit It was a little different from what is known today, as the previous clothes were brown and sometimes also green. . Today, many people who chose red in Santa’s clothes were Haddon Sundblom during a job at the Coca-Cola Company in 1931, but they were not and were confirmed by Coca-Cola itself to attribute a worldwide decision known as red. . . by the creator of the first, Thomas Nast, who surprises all this.

Guys, I’m decorating my house to make it cozy, familiar, cheerful and bright, decorate my beautiful Christmas tree, and we can’t forget about gifts, of course everyone loves receiving gifts. And I was wondering what to do for kids on Christmas Eve to wear these beautiful Santa hat, so I browsed the Internet, saw several models of Santa hat and found it interesting. There are covers made with different stitches and different sizes as well. And I chose this one to share with you the pattern for people who want a tip on what to do at Christmas for girls and boys to use. If you liked this idea too, keep reading and good work everyone.

About the pattern:
Guys last year I didn’t do my decorating because I didn’t have time, but this year I want to do everything before, guys, the pattern we’ll learn is quick and easy to do to enjoy more time, you need to do more things because it’s so beautiful when You see a decoration made by you and get compliments for that beauty. This would be a beautiful hat to wear while passing this beautiful date and giving a gift to family and all friends on Christmas Eve!


Hat Circumference: 12 (14) inches. Instructions are given first for the smaller size, past the largest size being in parentheses.

The hat adheres to the shape of the head because it is made of cloth. The size is adjustable, to change it is just to change the size of the hooks and to tinker in the lines of the points adding or decreasing.

About the pattern:
You will learn a Santa hat pattern is so cute and easy to make that you can in 1 day so beautiful it is. I love decorating so much that I spend hours doing it! Put some ho-ho-ho in your house with a free crochet Santa Claus hat pattern! In addition, this pattern can not only be used on the head, but also on chairs, at the top of the tree, in the fireplace where you think it looks best in your home.


1 ball Bernat Baby Blanket in shade 3005 White, or about 30 (40) meters of yarn of your choice;
1 ball Caron Simply Soft in the shade 9729 Red, or about 60 (70) meters of medium weight yarn you prefer;
1 set of size 11 US – (8mm) needles with double or long tips of circular format for magic loop;
1 set size 8 US – (5mm) double-pointed needles or long circular shape for magic loop;
Scissors, tape measure.

I’m sure you will like this pattern and be as cheerful as me. Below is the step by step link as well as a video tutorial with the best information to follow and make this beautiful Santa hat. Send us your result, we will be happy. Good job for you who like crochet like me and until the next pattern we will bring to you.

Pattern Step by Step Hat Santa Crochet

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