Star of Bethlehem Block

Craftsmen and quilt lovers welcome to Craft For The World. This hexagonal shape is easy to use when attaching to a piece of English paper, but you can use the same techniques as EPP to create blocks in many different ways. The Star of Bethlehem block consists of diamond, square, triangle shapes, making it ideal for learning how to use English pieces of paper in many unique shapes. This block ends as a 12 “square; Add borders to a single block for good upholstery or order more blocks to make a patchwork.

Using heavy paper or cardstock, make enough copies of the templates for all parts of your block, thus having several “copied parts”.
Tip: For any EPP block that is bound or sewn into another block on a quilt, leave an extra 3/8 ”of paper along the outer edge of the outside as shown for A and; allowing having this advantage of facilitating assembly.

For the Star of Bethlehem block, it is recommended to use 4-A, 16-B, 8-C, 8-D, and 8-E. Cut the pieces of paper and make a hole in the center of each paper mold with a punch. The center hole facilitates subsequent removal of paper with a punch or the rounded tip of a seam rivet. This tip will make the process of creating your new project much easier. Remember that the more you use your imagination to choose colors, the more beautiful and perfect the combination will be.

Then select the fabric to use for each piece. For the Star of Bethlehem block, see the block figure and block diagram to help you choose fabrics. Using the pieces of paper as a template, cut the pieces of fabric, leaving at least 3/8 ”clearance to fold the pattern. Once you have done this you will see that the design will begin to take shape and soon you will see it finished.

For the Bethlehem Star block, the inner parts include all but triangles A and E. For flooring, always remember to use a line color that does not fade in front of the part. You can use 40wt hand quilting thread in a matching or neutral tone. Thread a needle with a piece of wire and knot the end. Center the center of the paper pattern on the wrong side of the fabric so that there is at least a 3/8 ”margin around it. Pin through the drilled hole to secure if desired. At sharp angles, you can cut long stitches of fabric within 3/8 ”of the paper.


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