Klaziena Shawl

The pattern of this post is about crochet, so for everyone who likes crochet they use this pattern because it is very charming, modern and has an amazing result. This pattern is called Klaziena Shawl. With this pattern, we can create color combinations and how to use them.

The pattern we have learned today is crochet, many people who visit our site like crochet and one prettier than the other. There are people who like to do this to use or sell their pattern, and we also have readers who do both and like crafts and always try new things. And we are always setting new standards and keeping our site updated.

This beautiful shawl pattern is dedicated to the memory of Klaziena McKinlay Swanson (nee Greve) – beloved mother of South Side Sweeties Crochet Sharon Hill, Beenleigh Bowls Club.

This is a triangular or rectangular shawl, alternating mesh / lace work with solid bands. The rectangular repeat pattern can be used for anything from a shawl, pillow / cushion cover, table runner, tablecloth, exercise mat, closet cover or as a larger item across the bed and the desired color. You choose is beautiful too.

I used two Scheepjes Whirlie on the ‘O’ Cherry Pie slice – 5 reps produced a shawl on my wrist.

We will make small graphs available on each line of the written pattern to help visualize the order of points and the placement of points relative to the line below.


Video below and default to line 4

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