Summer Friendship Tote

This standard Summer Friendship Tote is easily accessible for trips to the beach, the pool or the park! You like crochet, you will love this pattern. Great for any level of knowledge, from beginner to advanced, or for those who love crochet. Cotton threads are so easy to work with and easy to care for. Who does not like to use cotton for so many designs – handbags, tapestries, cloths, face pads and more!

Summer is the most wonderful time of the year! Perfect season for a park with friends and a pool day and to match this season nothing better than this bag, which is great for carrying sunscreen, towels, snacks, slippers or just everyday things. Good point of this pattern is that it is super soft and the color combos are so beautiful, you can use the colors that please you, can make color or if you prefer only one color. Make the perfect choice for this pattern, the Summer Friendship Tote. It is good because these bags are reusable, helping the environment to reduce the use of plastic bags, so follow the pattern using the classic grandma point.

This pattern is for a fun 11 “x 13” summer bag. You can never have enough of these! I keep some in my car for all my shopping trips. The pattern is easily adjustable to make the bag of any size you want.

Not to mention it’s super fun, have a big and beautiful tote bag to carry this summer, this easy summer bag pattern:

The standard summer friendship crochet pattern tote

Level of Experience: Beginner


Yarn:  400-450 yds of #3 weight cotton yarn

Examples are made with 2 cakes of Yarn Bee Sugarwheel Cotton, 100% Cotton, #3 weight (5 oz/142g, 335 yds/306m)

Crochet Hook: G/4mm


Yarn Needle

Tape Measure

Gauge: 16 stitches= 4”           9 rows= 4”

Be sure to check your gauge. I tend to crochet tighter, yours may be a little different. I highly recommend doing a test swatch before getting started.

Stitch Abbreviations:

Ch = chain

Sc = single crochet

Dc = double crochet

Sp = space

St = stitch

Ss = slip stitch

Sk = skip next stitch

Bpsc = Work sc around back of post.

Other info:

  • This bag is worked in the round. You will not be turning the work.
  • To make the bag larger or smaller, adjust the number of starting chains.
  • Ch 3 DOES count as a DC.
  • Color placement: On some of the bags, I changed colors every 5 rows. On some of them, I let the yarn dictate the color placement. I love the results of either method. The choice is yours!

Ch 34.

Round 1: Dc in 3rd ch from hook. Dc in each ch across until last ch. In last ch, work 7 dc. (This will create a turn to the opposite side.) Dc in the other side of each ch across until bottom of beg ch. In bottom of beg ch, work 7 dc. Ss to 1st dc.

Round 2: Ch 3. (Counts as dc here and throughout.) * Dc in each st until 7 dc cluster. 2 dc in each of next 3 st. 3 dc in next st. (This should be the middle st from the 7 dc in Round 1.) 2 dc in each of next 3 st. * Repeat from *. Ss in top of ch 3.

Round 3: Ch 3. * Dc in each st until 1st 2 dc cluster. (2 dc in next st, 1 dc in next st) 6 times. * Repeat from *.  Ss in top of ch 3.

Round 4: Ch 1. Bpsc around each st around. Ss in 1st st.

Rounds 5-8: Ch 1. Sc in each st around. Ss to 1st st.

Round 9: Ch 3. 2 dc in 1st  st.  (Sk 2, 3 dc in next st) all the way around. Ss in top of ch 3.

Round 10: Ch 3. * Sk next 3 dc cluster. 3 dc in space between 3 dc clusters. * Repeat from * all around until last sp between clusters. 2 dc in last sp between clusters. Ss in top of ch 3.

Round 11: Ch 3. 2 dc in 1st sp between clusters. * Sk next 3 dc cluster. 3 dc in space between 3 dc clusters. * Repeat from * all around. Ss in top of ch 3.

Round 12 – 34: Repeat Rounds 10 and 11. (Add more repeats to make the bag larger. Decrease repeats to make the bag smaller.)

Rounds 35 – 39: Ch 1. Ch 1. Sc in each st around. Ss to 1st st.

Fasten off.

Straps Make 2.

Ch 85. (To make straps longer, add chains here. To make shorter, subtract chains.)

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. Turn.

Rows 2 – 6: Ch 1. Sc in each ch across. Turn.

Fasten off.

Fold strap in half and ss top and bottom of piece together.

At desired strap placement, from the front of piece, insert end of strap in sp between 3 dc clusters on Round 34. Pull to back of piece and sew to back of strap. Do the same for the other side of the strap.

See too:Corner To Corner (C2C)

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