Prismatic Star Quilt Pattern

Welcome to our website. Quilts are adorable and everyone always likes to see or gain, so keep the quilts in your home, in your store if any, or give to someone you love.

And the best thing is not the occasion, so take advantage and start as fast as you can to donate those you like, the best and most rewarding is done with your own hands. This pattern is intermediate level, but nothing prevents it from making it even beginner level, because everything is a matter of dedication and persistence, the quilts take a little longer, but undoubtedly in the end will be worth the effort!

About the default

The fabric that was used to make this pattern is the Timeless Treasures Gypsy Tonga Strips and the foldable Hobbs Heirloom 80/20, using the light blue yarn So Fine on most of the quilt being on top, and can change to a plum color by pulling inside purple. Use a QP Fat Edge ruler to make the diagonal lines of the quilt. The pattern was created to be used with Bali by Judy Niemeyer Pops. We used 6 sets of 8 fabrics, from light to dark. But you can choose the colors you want or leave your own fabrics for other designs.

Pre-select your 48 different types of 2 1/2 “strips sorted into 6 sets of 8 fabrics that will give light in the center of the pattern in the dark.The 6 sets should mix in pattern and be well put together because for the star Have a good Contrast When I first saw the fabrics, I thought they were the kinds of fabrics I would never wear, but you always see only one fabric, of everything that will be a work of art, a diamond for each attached fabric.
The strips are sewn into the foundation paper to complete what we call the “Strip Set”. finished, they are cut, rearranged and reduced to a diamond star point. The process originated from the combination of two previously published techniques used in Quiltworx’s Lone Star and Bali Fever quilting designs. The papers, layouts and processes of splicing strips were designed by Brad and Judy Niemeyer for the foundation paper splicing.

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