V-Stitch Crochet Afghan

Today I bring you the pointn V-Stitch Crochet Afghanpoint that works quickly. It is a great point of knowledge to work on large projects like the Afghans. But it’s also useful for crocheting many other types of projects, and if you have not tried the V-Stitch yet, you’re missing out on great crochet fun! Learning new crochet stitches can be incredibly stressful, but do not worry, v-stitch is a versatile stitch that can be worn with a wide variety and super easy to work with. Explore the diversities, use your imagination.

Having mastered this V-Stitch Crochet Afghan, any crochet-dot-v pattern will undoubtedly be easy to crochet. If you already have a passion for v-stitch crochet stitches, these free patterns will become your favorite crochet patterns. The v-stitch is actually a point that can be used in many ways, you just need to be open-minded and use creativity.

As the name already says, the crochet V points resemble the letter V. OV is usually the point is formed by a crochet high point, then by a chain, then another of the same type of high point, all at the same point or space. For example, you can have a double crochet, then a chain stitch and another double crochet. If you use these 3 points at the same point, the result will equal a V. You have the option of using a V-point with treble crochet, double tips or even higher points instead of double highs.

If you are working in rows, you need to think about the other points that involve point v. Working with point V means an increase of 2 points. If it is not your intention that your piece continually grow throughout your work, you will need to compensate for the increases. To achieve this, you need to skip a few stitches before working on another V, or apply some other means of narrowing the width. This is the basic theory behind -V-Stitch Crochet Afghan. You can apply this theory to crochet with a wide variety of different V-points; there are limitless possibilities.

And if you do not know how to do it, do not worry, just access the link below to learn how to work with the point.

Video Tutorial

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