Pen And Fan Crochet

Make your own beautiful feather blanket Pen and Fan Crochet, created in soft nature colors, this crochet mantle features raised and textured stitches to increase interest. It’s easy to make a great transportation project!
This sturdy and free chart works quickly and has a great texture.
That’s right is a blanket made using the feather and fan income points.
Impossible not to love and not less interested, and the best that even seems difficult, is not !!

Anyway, get your biggest hook you find and some super bulky yarns and let’s ride this blanket. This work is a great gift, regardless of age or time, why would not anyone like to win something so beautiful and comfortable at the same time ?! And the most incredible is that every time you see the gift created by yourself being used, you would feel a huge happiness and without doubt very proud!!

At the time of the craze it is important to pick a color that you like (if you make it for your own use) or a color that the person likes and that combines with it (if it is presenete). Do at a time when you are not busy, so you can be inspired, rest / relax your mind and do not rush so you do not get upset if work is not coming off as you would like.

Hand in the work now !! Good luck, remember: stay calm because you do everything you want. At the end, do not forget to look at the project and feel proud for the great track that was done!!


Super bulky weight yarn (I used about nine wool balls of thick and fast facility to make a 1.80 m long blanket that would have about 900 yards) Crochet hook size Q 15 mm
Thread Needle


This pattern uses American crochet terms.

Line 1: 85 fsc (single crochet base) [Read about how and when to use fsc here. You can also ch 86, sc on the second ch from the hook, sc on each ch remaining to make 85 sc; however, I really recommend learning fsc.] Turn around.

Line 2: Ch 3, 4 bp at the same point. * Skips a sc, dc on the next sc, repeats * 6 times, skips a sc, 5 sc in the next two scs. * Skips a sc, dc on the next sc, repeats * 6 times, skips a sc, 5 sc in the next two scs. * Skip a dc, dc on the next dc, repeat 6x, jump one dc, dc on the next 5 dc. * Skip a bp, bp on the next bp, repeat 6x, bounce a bp, bp on 5 bp next two scs. * Skips a sc, dc on the next sc, repeats * 6 times, skips a sc, 5 sc on the next sc. Turn.

Line 3: Ch 1, working only on the front lugs, sc at each point (85). Turn.
Repeat 2-3 rows until the afghan reaches the desired length. Finish. Weave on the ends.

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  • 27 de August de 2019 at 17:46

    Would love to see it on a video. I learn better if I see video. Thank you


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