Bargello Crochet technique

This Bargello Crochet technique really only draws attention to just looking at it (even being fast), we see that it is something incredible / from another world, with a variety of colors there may be a great diversity for those who love colors, we can give the idea of 2 or more colors at your discretion. The blanket is soft and cozy. Only eight soft tones were used, which blend smoothly, and if you prefer stronger colors, you have complete freedom to make the disguise of your preference; the wraparound blanket with a simple corrugated edge in two colors.

With this point you have a great diversity to make pillows, in bed, bedspread, blankets, just as you will see in the photos below various models and countless colors (all you can and can not imagine). The latest Croon style baby blanket is super soft and cozy, no doubt you’re already adult and will want one for you and the best you will have no problems doing. Eight soft tones were used that mix gently: White, Lemon, Sweet Cotton, Fondant, Magenta, Wisteria, Bluebell and Ice Cream; but the colors that you can choose are the ones that you like the most (the colors that have your personality, we can say) are the most discreet for the most impressive.

A Bargello Crochet technique the blanket will be finished with a simple corrugated yarn and with two different colors, like cotton candy and ice cream or your criteria and any way you want.

Tip: It is important that the colors talk to each other, so that the work is more beautiful; The important thing is that you take pride in the excellent work you have done.

Follow the instructions in the video below:

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  • 9 de August de 2019 at 17:00

    I also would like the written pattern for the Borgello blanket. Thank you again.


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