Here and There Squares Quilt

Patchwork, is a very old art in which various fabrics are cut into geometric shapes and then connected to form an infinitely shaped mosaic surface. Passed down from generation to generation, this European-origin technology became a tradition in the United States with the arrival of the first settlers, and has now fully returned to the scene. As it continues to expand around the world, it appears in decoration and fashion, the possibilities of creation are endless, for those who want to dedicate themselves to their hobbies, or even for those who want an alternative income. it is an excellent activity. Patchwork presents the upper or top part of the craft. The complete work is quilting, formed from a top plus an acrylic blanket and a background fabric, all fixed by a technique called quilting or quilting. Of all the popular arts, this one is really unique in that it requires no great means and has an immediate effect. Wonderful and useful things are made in an enjoyable way.

What is patchwork? Fabric scraps are a fantastic material to work with, but for lack of ideas they end up being left aside. Another reality is related to people who are in search of a pleasurable and creative activity, and want to invest in the production of handmade pieces with fabric scraps. Patchwork is the art of joining fabric scraps together. This process can be done by hand or by machine. In the case of handmade crafts, after placing the thread on the needle, two basic types of seams are applied: simple and backwards. All you have to do is join one patch to the other and cut them with the help of a ruler until they form a whole fabric in the desired size for the production of the various items listed here.

It is worth mentioning that creativity and good taste are fundamental requirements to obtain good results in the making of the pieces. A tip is to start by developing simpler works, and, with practice, move on to larger and more complex ones. The investment in material is very low, and the return in satisfaction is great. Besides, Patchwork pieces are very valuable in the market and you can make of this your professional activity. A colorful universe made of cloth scraps, millimeter by millimeter cut in geometric scale, joined with thread, by hand or machine, and organized in a harmonious way. The art that was born from a need, mending fabrics, is today admired and practiced by thousands of artists and lay people. With it, it is possible to make bedspreads, pillows, clothes, aprons, panels, carpets, curtains, and much more.

Do you know that memory of a beautiful afternoon at your grandparents’ house? Few objects have the capacity to portray such a moment as well as a patch quilt. Easy to make, a patch quilt is a great gift option. You can turn each piece of the quilt into an element of your own story, creating a unique and personalized object. Want to see how? Bedspreads, sofa covers, pillows, and a thousand and one other decorative ideas and products to make your home even cozier. Types of patchwork quilts Beautiful and unique as decorative elements, patchwork quilts harmonize perfectly with rustic, romantic, and vintage style settings. Depending on the type of patchwork used to make the piece, the patchwork quilt can become a unique gift. You can use images printed on fabric to make a personalized quilt or patchwork quilt. You can find many different styles of patchwork quilts at craft fairs and markets. Another option is to have your quilt sewn by a professional seamstress. Then you can choose the color, material, and size of the quilt.


Quilt: Here and There Squares — UPPERCASE

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