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Welcome to Craft For The World!! Whether in the stands watching the game or building snowmen with the kids, make your favorite guy this big and bold crochet scarf. But of course this is a Unisex pattern, you can do it with the colors you like best and give as you want. Don’t worry, if you follow this pattern you won’t have to worry about it! Everything you need to make your new project Time to sew and don’t forget to do it with time, so you get the best result! This is a project that has a sporty look and a fun fringe, choose your favorite colors and make this cozy scarf using basic crochet stitches!!

The name “Scarf” is of French origin and unites two words that explain the use of the accessory: “cacher” (to hide or conceal) and “col” (collar or neck). That is, “to hide the neck”. According to some research, Ancient Rome was the birthplace of the scarf. Originally worn by men around their necks or tied around their waists, in the hottest days, the Roman soldiers, I B.C., in order to cool themselves, wore a wet cloth called “focale” tied around their necks. Soon women began to wear the scarves, which were made of cloth or silk, and since then the accessory has been fashionable among women. Some historians say that during the reign of the Chinese emperor Cheng of Jin, cloth scarves were used to identify the officers or rank of Chinese warriors. Around the 17th century in Croatia, scarves were also worn by soldiers of all ranks. The only difference was that officers wore silk scarves, while other ranks had to wear cotton ones.

Red Heart Classic Crochet Striped Scarf | Yarnspirations

The men’s scarves were also called “ties” (from the Croatian term kravata). Since then the scarf has become a fashion accessory worn by both men and women all over the world, matching perfectly with formal or casual looks. Are you bitterly cold but still want to leave the house in style? The men’s scarf could be the ideal piece for you. Men’s winter fashion is always a good chance to take advantage of what we have at hand to stay in style (and not freeze to death). That’s why we’ve brought you a tip on a valuable accessory to give your look a boost: the men’s scarf. Besides being elegant, the scarf is one of our best friends when it comes to protecting against the cold during the winter. And there’s nothing to worry about: it goes with everyone, all you have to do is pay attention to what you wear to go with it.

A winter look wins many points when it is accompanied by a beautiful scarf. There are countless possibilities of tieings and combinations. Many people don’t know exactly how to wear the scarf with a different tie. The accessory is simple, but can give a complete makeover to your look. When it comes to combining your scarf with a jacket there is not much mystery! Whether it is a leather jacket, maxitricot, work blazer, parka… the watchword for this winter look is coziness. The warmer you feel, the better! If you want to go for style, just combine a plaid or striped scarf with a plain coat. Animal print is also a hit when the rest of the look is basic! But if the color of the coat is more eye-catching, invest in a more discreet scarf… Another good bet is to wear the same color coat and scarf and create a monochromatic look. There are countless possible ways to tie a scarf. Just by looking at some pictures you can already get an idea of how to make the fold that suits your mood on different occasions. If it is cold, you can choose to fold the scarf around your neck. But if the day is cool, you can wear it open, just to enhance the look.

Below I leave the step by step in PDF and, if you have any questions, follow the tutorial that we left right after being super easy to make this beautiful crochet pattern.


Craf For The World wants to thank the yarnspirations website for providing us with the complete pattern of this beautiful work, follow its step by step carefully and start your project, and an excellent job.

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