Handkerchief Quilt With a Custom Drafted Swag Border

CREATE A LOVELY QUILT FROM VINTAGE (OR NEW) HANKIES, IT’S A LOVELY QUILT WITH OR WITHOUT THE SWAG BORDER! Do you have a selection of vintage hankies you’d like to make into a quilt? This beautiful quilt with the charming swag border may be just the design you’ve been looking for. A variety of vintage hankies are stitched to background fabric blocks. The beautiful swag border is drafted to fit the size of the blocks and provides a beautiful finish. If you love the look but don’t have vintage hankies, don’t worry. They can be found at thrift stores and tag sales. Or buy new vintage style hankies at Amazon to replicate the look. Rhonda Dort has written an excellent tutorial explaining how to choose which hankies to use, how to size the blocks to fit your hankies, what kind of background fabric to use, what thread she prefers for stitching down the hankies (100 weight Invisafil thread) and more.

The finished size of your quilt will depend on the number and size of the hankies you use. Rohnda’s quilt is 71″ × 85″. She goes on to show in detail how to draft a template for an appliqued swag to fit in the border. If you’re not interested in the swag border, the quilt will be lovely with a simple border, either in the background white or a contrasting fabric. You’ll find a lot of great tips here to make your own lovely quilt from vintage (or new) hankies. What is embroidery? Embroidery has a long history, and it is amazing to discover that it has been present in virtually every culture in the world for centuries. While the techniques may vary, some stitches are almost universal, and the principle of needlework is almost always the same.

So you want to make a handkerchief quilt with a custom drafted swag border!  – Rhonda Dort

Learn about the endless creative possibilities of this craft technique to create with your own hands. If we wanted to define it in the simplest way, we could say that embroidery is the craft technique in which textile pieces are decorated with the help of a needle and thread. However, there is much more to the importance of this technique, which is also undergoing a remarkable renaissance in our time. What was traditionally disdained as a minor creative activity is now recognized as an artistic expression in its own right. Learn more about this exciting activity, which, moreover, you can start practicing right now.

Origins of embroidery – It is almost a certainty that embroidery derives from sewing. Before textile industrialization, people made their clothes by hand, with the help of thread and needle. At some point, there arose an interest in decorating the garments, to denote certain social aspects or, as happens today, to reflect personality as a means of expression. In many examples, which even date back to the 5th century B.C., it is possible to see impressive technical advances. It is likely that, as with other crafts, workshops emerged in which the technique was perfected. For example, in medieval Europe, such workshops were much sought after by aristocrats who wished to demonstrate their social status. The role of women in embroidery – During periods when women were denied access to education and political life and lived confined to the home, embroidery was an activity that allowed them to express themselves and come together. Today, the technical achievements of many anonymous embroiderers of the past, who are part of museum collections around the world, are recognized. Contemporary embroidery, whether female or male, often reflects this. The artistic aspect of embroidery, its autobiographical and expressive capacity, and even its capacity for activism and protest, is increasingly being recovered.


Create a Lovely Quilt from Vintage (or new) Hankies

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