Half Yard Jam

GIVE A BED A SPLASH OF COLOR WITH THIS EASY QUILT, IT’S A QUICK PROJECT AND GREAT FOR GIVING! Are you looking for an easy quilt that finishes quickly? This could very well be the perfect project for you. It’s super easy and because the pieces are large you’ll have it finished up before you know it. Plus, it’s great for showcasing a combination of half-yard cuts that you love, even those beautiful large-scale prints. Any color theme will be wonderful in this quilt. Go with bright and bold or a more subdued palette. You’ll find several examples at the bottom of the page here. The finished quilt, from Fat Quarter Shop’s Short Cut Quilt series, is 90.5″ square.

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The plural of hobby is hobbies, so there is some confusion in the singular spelling, which is hobby and not hobby. This activity, which aims to relieve stress, can be physical, practical or more intellectual. There are several types of hobbies, including: cross stitch, aeromodelling, reading, collecting stamps and coins, playing sports, drawing, modeling, cooking, singing, dancing, photography, etc.

On many occasions, the practice of certain hobbies is essential for the development of some professional areas. In the computer programming industry, for example, the invention of the Linux operating system began as a student’s hobby. In the context of astronomy, several celestial bodies have already been discovered by “amateur astronomers”. In English, hobby can also be a hobby horse that serves as a toy for a child. In Old English, the word hobby meant a small horse.

A Bit of Scrap Stuff - Sewing, Quilting, and Fabric Fun: Half Yard Jam Quilt

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Shortcut Quilt: Half Yard Jam - The Jolly Jabber Quilting Blog

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