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Sewing is the passion of many people’s lives, and not for nothing. This activity is considered to be a hobby and also a professional activity for many people. However, as much as sewing is fun for many people, it should be noted that it is an activity full of details: from the beginning to the end, the sewist must always be attentive. This activity is also full of methods and techniques, some of them simple and others quite complex, which are usually used in haute couture by very specialized professionals. The zig-zag stitch, for example, is one of the most important and popular stitches in the sewing world, as well as the straight stitch and the buttonhole. This is because the zig-zag technique is used to sew the most varied types of fabric, especially stretch fabrics, since this stitch does not break when the garment is stretched.

The zig-zag stitch is a very common technique for joining fabrics, just like the straight stitch, but its main function is: to make elastic seams. This is because the zig-zag has a format, which if stretched, will not tear the seam and undo the weft of the fabric. For this reason, the zig-zag stitch is often used to make a final finish in order to make the piece more resistant, so that it will not tear or fray. In fact, many professionals use this technique as a safety method and to give the garments a better quality finish. Do you know that zig-zag pattern that we have seen a lot in fashion and decoration? This pattern is called chevron and using it in decoration is easy because it can make the environment more daring and modern, while maintaining elegance! In this article we will show you how to use the chevron pattern in decorating living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms, kitchens, and in decorative accessories such as pillows, curtains, and rugs.

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The geometric pattern represents a “zig-zag”, that is, a graphic V-shape, one next to the other. It emerged as a traditional print, which gained recognition with Italian designer Missoni in 1953 and became popular after launching a collection for Target, an American department store. It has become the darling of moms who want to put together a modern outfit! The pattern in pastel shades is fashionable and is combined with cloud and animal prints, for example. For adults, the traditional black and white or colored version is stripped down and gives a new look to any environment!

The pattern is an alternative to the usual stripes, giving a more current and fun touch to the decor. The zig-zag is a great choice for a pattern mix with pinks and even stripes. The combination looks amazing in baby rooms with more saturated colors, and also in other rooms of the house (like the home office and the living room), where you can invest in more neutral colors. One item that has become the darling of the decorating scene lately is the black and white zig-zag rug. Not for nothing, right? The two-color graphic goes with many types of decor – from rustic to minimalist – and gives the room the interesting touch it needs. Zig-zag can appear on various parts of the house, such as walls, curtains, armchairs, stairs, and even details like bedspreads, pillows, and pictures. It’s harder to get sick of the pattern when it’s just a few select items in the house.


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