Fat Quarter Cobblestone Shortcut Quilt

This quilt is great for those of us who like instant gratification from time to time. The blocks are large, which shows off your fabrics, the pattern is accurate, and all the pieces fit together quickly. We have a fun quilt with a new free pattern – Fat Quarter Cobblestone – and a video tutorial ! This quilt is fun to make and takes you right down the (yellow) brick road! It is also one of our fastest shortcut quilts! You’ll go from cutting to sewing your threads in no time, and it’s great for showing off great novelty prints! How about learning about patchwork craft ideas to occupy your time and make use of the materials you have at home? Everyone has some fabric scraps at home. They will accumulate over time, taking space for other things, but they are difficult to be discarded. After all, you know that they can be useful for something, don’t you?

Fabrics and cloths, jeans, leather, mesh, among other materials can be used in the production of very impressive handicrafts. To wit, some people even use this technique to guarantee extra income. How about embarking on this business? But what exactly are scraps for? Well, first of all you can think of the June holiday season. It’s a really good idea – you can use scraps to customize country clothes, make scarves, or sew them specifically for themed decorations. However, these pieces of various fabrics can be extremely functional for other types of production. Using your creativity, they can be used to create:

  • Rugs
  • Bedspreads
  • Pillows
  • Curtains
  • Curtains
  • Bags
  • Backpacks
  • Keychains
  • Cushion covers
  • Patchwork on countless surfaces, etc.
A Bit of Scrap Stuff - Sewing, Quilting, and Fabric Fun: Cobblestone Quilt  with Fat Quarter Shop

Of Fabric / Cloth In this topic you will explore handicrafts with various fabric scraps. Surely you have some lying around and can use them to make very creative pieces. One trend is to bet on printed fabrics, especially if you want to establish an original decoration, fun and with a strong personality. With them you can create various items to give as gifts to friends and family, as souvenirs for parties, or simply to decorate your home, taking advantage of certain features. There is a multitude of things you can do using fabric scraps. The most efficient way to make handicrafts with fabric scraps is to use a sewing machine. This is because fabrics and cloths are softer, so if you sew by hand you may not get the firmness you need. Fabrics, because they are also thinner, are widely used for Patchwork, which is a well-known technique in which you glue or sew fabric scraps on various surfaces. You can do patchwork, for example, on wooden or MDF boxes, lampshade domes, furniture, bags, and rugs, to name the main items.

But after all, do you know what Patchwork is? Creativity is indispensable in most professions, but with sewing it is even more necessary. The creation of unique and exclusive pieces requires knowledge and study in the area, so if you like the fashion universe, it is important to know courses that can direct your creativity to the work. The Fashion Studio, which has been training successful professionals for over a decade, offers the Creative Sewing course with emphasis on Patchwork. The differential in this course is, mainly, the application of one or more patchwork techniques in creative sewing. Understand what Creative Sewing is: Creative sewing techniques are a more economical and detailed way of making clothing, products and accessories. Through this type of sewing, it is possible to reuse fabric scraps to create totally new and uniquely designed pieces.


Shortcut Quilt: Fat Quarter Cobblestone - The Jolly Jabber Quilting Blog

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