Fat Eighth Flapjacks Shortcut Quilt

This fat eighth-friendly quilt can be cut into four delightful sizes! Take a fat eighth pack with your favorite Moda colorways and sew to make this design in any of these wonderful patterns. Make these quilts with fabric prints in the Fat Eighth Flapjacks Quilt Kit and Backing Set for best results.

Creativity is essential in most professions, but in sewing it is even more so. Creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces requires knowledge and learning in the field, so if you enjoy the world of fashion, it’s important to understand the courses that can channel your creativity into action. The Fashion Studio has been training successful professionals for more than a decade, offering courses in creative sewing with a focus on patchwork. The differential of this course is mainly the application of one or more patchwork techniques in creative sewing. Learn what creative sewing is: Creative sewing techniques are a more economical and meticulous way to make clothing, products and accessories. With this sewing method, fabric scraps can be reused to create completely new pieces with unique designs.

Quilting Mod : Fat Eighth Flapjacks Quilt

Where does patchwork come into this? The use of patchwork techniques in this type of sewing is a differential that brings even more creativity to the production. One of the main characteristics for using patchwork techniques in a harmonious way is to learn the combination of colors. As patchwork pieces can have various textures and colors, knowing how to combine the elements for a final product that is beautiful and of quality is essential. After all, patchwork is a craft technique that consists in joining pieces of fabric, resulting in designs of various shapes to produce utilitarian or decorative pieces.

Let the first stone throw who has never been enchanted with a patchwork quilt of unique composition found at grandma’s house. To make it, the technique used was the classic patchwork, which is nothing more than joining by sewing several “blocks” of fabrics that can vary in color and size, and usually follow geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, and hexagons. The combination of textures and patterns to form a large piece – which can be anything from a quilt to more complex items such as bags – when well elaborated, results in vibrant designs. It is the perfect possibility to make use of fabric scraps left over from other projects, avoiding waste. Furthermore, a basic knowledge of sewing and a lot of creativity are enough to develop the technique, after all, patchwork for beginners involves simple stitches and is therefore excellent for getting headlong into the textile world!

What is quilting? Quilting is the process of sewing two or more layers together to create a thicker quilted material. Usually, three fabrics are used to make up the project: two for the surfaces and a central one to add volume, all joined by stitches at the ends, which can vary according to the design purpose of the pieceA. The quilt is the end result of this composition. It is very common in blankets, decorative items, and clothing – especially cold-weather coats or historical costumes. In other words, the technique cannot be missing in your sewing studio to produce bulky and more robust orders.


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