Fast Four Patch Quilt

“Quilting is a big word: few people know how to write it and even fewer know what it means! So how about we take a nice walk in this universe and understand once and for all What is Quilting? In a very simple comparison, visualize the following: A comforter bought in some store. Yes, those comforters, blankets, quilts, whatever you want to call them… Those common ones. Every comforter has some seam in the middle of it – sometimes just a few straight lines and sometimes even more elaborate seams. This seam serves to join the layers that make up the comforter: There’s the top fabric (the pretty one that made you choose one cover over the other!) There’s the blanket that you can’t see, but that’s what makes the blanket fluffy and warm. warm and cuddly. And then there is the fabric underneath (the part that will lie flat on the bed!)

In the industry, this sewing is done by automated machines. In other words, the top layers are stretched and the machine sews everything together: The quilting seam is also called “matelassé”. And then you think: ok, ok, I get it. But what does this have to do with quilting? Absolutely everything, my dear Watson! Quilting is the same stitching as quilting, but… with some particularities: QUILTING IS ARTISANAL – So you can do quilting on any sewing machine. You don’t need to have giant industry machines for this. QUILTING IS CUSTOMIZABLE – Because it is handmade, you can do whatever you want! Unlike the quilt, which has dozens of sewing “designs” (for example: straight lines, meanders, curved lines, etc), in quilting you can make any design. So you can quilting anything abstract and also anything figurative (like cats, bears, kites, stars, flowers, monsters, etc etc etc). If you want to learn figure quilting, check out the course Quilting Children’s Designs.

Freaky Fast Four Patch Quilt |

QUILTING CAN BE DONE ON ANY TEXTILE PIECE – From quilts and larger blankets to American games, we can do quilting on anything made of fabric. Bags, cases, tablecloths, appliance covers, decorative wall panels, pillow covers, the list is endless. If you have fabric and blanket, you can have quilting. QUILTING STRUCTURES THE TEXTILE PIECE – Just like in the quilt, where the stitching joins the layers of fabric and blanket, quilting has this same function on a handmade scale. Without it, the blanket is loose in the middle of the fabrics and does not become a single cohesive piece. It looks more like a jelly, so it comes to unite everything and transform 3 layers into 1 single thing. If you do creative sewing, patchwork, art quilt, or the like, quilting is very important to make these works into a real piece! E

it doesn’t end there, but it is already good for a first contact. You may say at this point: that’s great, but I already knew what it was; but do you know the difference between quilt and quilting? Let’s leave this subject for a future pattern, ok?! If you have a sewing machine and have not yet entered this universe, we invite you: So this is the kind of craft that allows you to explore your creativity, pass the time and still make useful work, that you will be able to use to cover yourself in winter, decorate the house, store things, make the room more beautiful.


Fast Four Patch PDF quilt pattern – Amy Smart - Diary of a Quilter

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