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The meaning of colors can vary depending on one’s culture and beliefs. But we can all agree that colors convey feelings according to their application. This is because colors are a form of non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication involves all the ways of expression that are not done with speech or writing. Therefore, colors play a fundamental role in our lives and are able to affect our emotions and mood in ways that few other things can. With this idea in mind, I decided to create a text talking about the meaning of colors in our lives. Check it out!

Meaning of colors and symbolism – Your own feelings about colors can be very personal. This has to do with your past, your experiences and beliefs. How significant are these colors in your life? What impact do they have on your mind? Have you ever felt purple from anger, blue from hunger, red from shame? Have you ever seen the world as pink when you are in love? What about that black cloud when something negative hangs in the air? You have seen it! Even though there are differences between the perception of colors in each culture, it is common to link these colors to expressions to represent how we are feeling. The fact is that the meaning of colors composes the harmony of clothes, furniture, objects, environments, walls, etc. Allied to a purpose, colors are also fundamental tools. Specialists understand that they must be thought over in each place where they will be applied to bring beneficial sensations capable of generating positive feelings in our behavior and state of mind.

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The harmony that colors bring to our daily lives is the most authentic form of communication. If we stop to analyze, the use of colors must have a purpose. Otherwise, they will not have much meaning. We think little about this subject, but the influence of colors on people is already proven in several studies worldwide. Finding the right shades on the walls of your house, in the furniture and decoration or in the work environment can result in more happiness, mood, warmth, optimism, and productivity. if it weren’t for colors, life would be dull, colors enliven everything, without them the world wouldn’t exist, because remember that black, white, and gray are colors, everything colorless would be impossible to live.

Colors play a fundamental role in our actions and emotions, having a great influence in our lives. Colors can have a psychological influence on human beings: some stimulate, others tranquilize, because they are captured by the vision and transmitted to the brain, and consequently reflect impulses and reactions to the body:

  • Black allows self-analysis, introspection, can also mean dignity, and is associated with mystery;
  • White represents peace, sincerity, purity, truth, innocence, and calm;
  • Green symbolizes hope, perseverance, calm, vigor, and youth;
  • The red color activates and stimulates, means elegance, passion, conquest, refinement, and leadership;
  • The color yellow awakens, brings lightness, relaxation, and optimism. It symbolizes creativity, youth, and joy;
  • The blue color produces security, understanding. It provides emotional health and symbolizes loyalty, trust, and tranquility;
  • Orange, besides meaning movement, spontaneity, tolerance, and kindness, is a stimulating color;
  • Gray promotes balance and stability;
  • Pink means romance, sensuality, beauty;
  • The color violet means sincerity, dignity, prosperity, respect;
  • Brown is associated with stability, constancy, and signifies responsibility and maturity.


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