Dream Catcher Cardi

The cardigan is considered a wild piece for being versatile, classic and timeless. A darling of women and an ally when it comes to innovation, which features countless combinations. It cannot be lacking in any women’s wardrobe, precisely because of the world of possibilities and combinations it can offer. However, let’s talk about this piece, tell a little of the story, show how to use a cardigan correctly and give tips for different variations so you can always stay in fashion using one of these. The cardigan emerged as a men’s garment in the mid-19th century; made of wool, it was worn by British army officers and named after the Earl of Cardigan, James Thomas Brudenell of Wales.

Brudenell was a soldier in the Crimean War, and he was uncomfortable in his regular sweater, and he sewed up his own cardigan. Later, the cardigan would be improved, including the addition of buttons on the front of the garment. But the person responsible for inserting this piece in women’s daily life was Coco Chanel, in 1920. Curious, isn’t it? I bet you never thought that this piece would come from the 19th century and was inserted in men’s looks. Today, they are used by women to create a modern look, in any occasion, in different styles, colors and even prints.

Cardigan or Cardigan? There are places where it is written “cardigan” and in others “cardigan”, but the pronunciation is the same and refers to the same piece. The original piece is written as “Cardigã”, which was a woolen garment buttoned at the front. The interesting thing is that this word, in every place in the world, refers to something. From the name dedicated to the Count of Cardigans to the Swedish pop band “The Cardigans”, and the dog breed “Cardigan Welsh Corgi”, a British steamship “SS Bury Hill (AKA SS Cardigan)”, a lost silent film in 1922 based on a novel by Robert W. Chambers, “Cardigan,” and so on.

Dream Catcher Cardi - Free Crochet Shrug Pattern | Ned & Mimi

How to Wear, Looks, Inspirations and Tips – Whatever the season, a cardigan is a kind of cardigan that is always welcome, so it can add a special touch to any type of look! It is a very democratic piece for the female audience, as it usually doesn’t heat up so much, it carries lighter fabrics and an infinite plurality of combinations. We will show in a list below several types, styles, looks, inspirations, tips and more of this darling of the female wardrobe. Long or Maxi Cardigan – The long cardigan or maxi cardigan is a trend in the fall/winter, and leaves any look elegant and with a more modern air.

These days when the dawns are cooler or when the air conditioning in the office is stronger, they always ask for a third piece, and changing the coat or blazer for the maxi cardigan is a new fashion concept that appeals to any type of feminine style. They can: Be below hip or ankle length; they are light and full of movement pieces; they are elegant and very charming; elevate a more modern look when added to the look; and can be used in both a more casual look and a more social look.

And you can think of a look for work including the long cardigan. With pants and dress shirt, for a more formal environment. If your company’s dress code allows for something more relaxed, you can dare and abuse the printed pants and colorful shoes or animal prints to give an up to the look, in addition to the printed cardigans. They also look great with jeans, both with more neutral washes and the more laid-back ones. The use of a belt together marks the silhouette and gives an elegant look. For more laid-back weekend days, trips and more that need a jacket, abuse the combination of maxi cardigan and destroyed pants to leave a fun and stylish look. The combination with t-shirt and boots is perfect for days with cool autumn weather. Adding a pashmina or scarf makes it even more charming.


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