Diamond Pavers Quilt

Bedding Colors and Prints: When choosing colors and prints for bedding, follow the color palette of the room to create harmony with the furniture and decorations. If you have a bold style, combine several prints! Check out our tips on how to mix prints and use your imagination! To combine, choose prints that have the same colors, such as balls and checkered black and white, or take a chance with more colorful bedding. If your style is basic, choose one of the pieces among the bedspread, comforter, or pillowcase to be printed and combine it with other plain pieces in the same colors as the print. But follow our advice and try to give prints a chance to make your bed super high mood!

Bed linens that come in contact with the bed, such as sheets and pillowcases, should be changed once a week. The comforters, bedspreads, and other items can be washed every three months or as needed. But how to wash the bedding? Start by separating by color: white, dark, and colored pieces. Also, the bedding should be washed separately from the other clothes. This step is essential to avoid the risk of staining that beautiful bedspread that adorns your bed. The bedding label will also guide you in drying the bedding, because some pieces must dry in the shade. Labels also indicate or prohibit the use of certain products such as softeners and bleaches. See also what the label says about ironing. Pay attention to the temperature indicated if the garment can be ironed.

Quilting Land: Diamond Pavers Quilt

How to Organize Bedding Organization is everything in every area of life, and that goes for bedding as well. Set aside a space in the closet exclusively for bedding. Store the sheets inside one of the pillowcases of the set. When it’s time to change them, you’ll already have the right combination. Arrange the sheets in the drawer or on the shelf so that you can see them all. This way you won’t leave any sheet forgotten at the bottom. Organizers are great options to accommodate comforters, covers, and blankets that are not in use. Store them neatly folded so they don’t get wrinkled before they go to bed.

Professional Bed Storage Tips And Tricks That magazine bed can become a reality in your bedroom! Let’s learn how to make your bed like a professional? Watch the tips! Pillows & Cushions: Invest in pillows and cushions in addition to the ones you use for sleeping. Four regular-sized pillows and at least one fluffy pillow are enough to add volume and charm to the bed’s arrangement. Colors and Prints: If you are still afraid to invest in a colorful comforter, use a white or plain comforter and use the pillowcases to color your bed. Try also to invest in a cover sheet with a colored border. The colors get a little more discreet, but still with a touch of joy. Final Touch: Another nice tip is to fold the comforter under the pillows to show a little bit of the sheet underneath. It looks great! The final touch should be a blanket that seems to be “thrown” at the foot of the bed, but was carefully placed to give it this charm!


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