Dancing Ribbons Quilt

Hello to you who are always with us at Craft for the World . What a joy to have you here with us. And, as our grandparents say, what is beautiful is always to be shown. Do you agree with me? And of course, patterns that are attractive and visually beautiful we will always bring to you so that you can learn how to make them. Today we bring here a pattern, which is so amazing, that you will start creating it immediately. Its name is the Dancing Ribbons Quilt.

With an amazing design, with shapes and colors that can vary, this pattern can be placed in any environment. Yes, it is fantastic.Patterns that have these interwoven color effects are one of our favorites around here, because we realize the power that handmade patterns have. Patterns like this with curvatures and patterns of this level, besides making a visual impact on the final model, are not difficult to produce.

So reach into your heart, as we are going to introduce you step by step to those of you who, like us, are passionate about QUILT. The Dancing Ribbons Quilt is one such pattern that was initially inspired by another quilting pattern and perfected. Which is not at all different from the pattern of others, because nowadays with so many patterns available on the internet it is very difficult to create something completely new, although I faithfully believe that this still happens. Inspired by those patterns that have a center on the quilts, it was originally produced with Thai Shot fabrics, and one of the tips that designer Cindy Rounds Richards gives is to use patterns with a cotton weight because it will work very well on these patterns.

We find it surprising how popular this pattern is also and how beautiful it is, and there are so many inspirations scattered around the internet, of course we can’t bring them all, but we made sure to separate at least two inspiration patterns to help you choose colors well, get an idea of how to sew, and even try to identify from the photo which fabric may have been used. We are bringing here a fantastic pattern, and not too difficult to produce. Our intention is always to stimulate the production of quilts, because we believe that the Quilt is a tool that transforms lives, and unites families. This pattern is one of the most beautiful we have ever brought here, and you can make it with love and care. For that we bring here the link for you to download it.

This is all for you to really understand and do your best for what you are looking for. Remember to read the complete pattern before starting, believe me, this will help you a lot in the production and also look for other inspirations on the internet, maybe you’ll find something very similar to what you wanted that we couldn’t bring here in this post. Making QUILT, is above all a hobby, it is fun and relaxing.

And everything we put in and do as a hobby brings peace to our hearts. Things we choose to do for the sole purpose of promoting self-development and self-discovery. Therefore, a hobby is both relaxing and stimulating. Thank you for being with us here at CRAFT FOR THE WORLD. Here below is the link to download this pattern. And we look forward to your visit again. See you soon!


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