Crochet Velvet Ribbed Infinity Scarf

Welcome to Craf For The World, who doesn’t like to use double crochet in the front and back with velvet threads?! They are simply amazing and soft!! This purple scarf below is made with ordinary velvet thread. The main difference between ordinary and baby velvet is that the regular is a little thicker and only washes your hands. If you’ve never used velvet yarn before, be sure to keep your tension nice and firm while working to prevent loose loops from appearing. You will love using this stitch with velvet, because it really helps to keep things good and fair!! If you’ve never used double crochet in the front and back, you can watch this quick video to see the stitch before you start!

Scarves are increasingly entering the trends for completing the look by making it more showy. The diversity of scarf shapes that are on the market is huge and this article from umComo shows you how to wear an infinity scarf. The infinity scarf is a long piece of fabric in a closed loop. This is a very versatile piece of clothing, so it can be worn in a variety of ways that won’t leave you cold, check it out!

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  1. Dropped Scarf: This is the easiest and most practical way to wear an infinity scarf, it is suitable for low necklines. Place your head inside the scarf, and your neck inside the scarf. The scarf should hang over your front allowing you to clearly see the shape of the circle. Hide the seams so that they are against your body or behind your neck.
  2. Double Scarf: Position the infinity scarf as in the previous instruction (scarf down) and cross it in front of your body so as to make an “8” leaving the top loop larger than the bottom loop. Pull the lower loop over your head. Readjust the loops as you wish and adjust the number of loops you prefer according to the length of the scarf.
  3. Infinity scarf with hood: This one is ideal for protecting the back of your head from the cold. Pass the scarf over your head arranging the circle around your torso, cross the scarf across your front forming an “8” and below the base of your neck. Pass the bottom loop over the two head leaving both loops resting on the back of your neck. Pull one of the loops down so that it becomes larger one larger than the other. With the smaller one lift up one end covering the ears and thus creating a hood.
  1. Scarf jacket: Place the scarf around your shoulders, flat and stretched out, the rest should be in front of your body. Cross the scarf in front of your shoulders, at chest level, and over in a figure eight, the loop closest to the body should be wider, and with the farthest loop you should pass it over your head. Make sure that it is long enough to pass completely behind your neck.
  2. Tie-like infinity scarf: To use the infinity scarf to protect your neck well, choose this way of wearing it. Place the scarf behind your neck, extend the two ends over your shoulders and cross the ends, one inside the other. Then pull the remaining end tight against your neck. The long end should be close to your chest and centered along your torso, so you can adjust how tight it is around your neck.
  3. Combine these ways of wearing an infinity scarf with the perfect trendy colors and looks, and you will have an amazing result!


  • 2 (3.5 oz) Bernat Baby Velvet yarn balls and size H, 5 mm hook or 1 ball of Bernat velvet yarn and size I, 5.5 mm hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape

(Approximate size approx. 4 in. X 50 in.) – Chain 20 with baby velvet or 18 with regular velvet.

(A PDF of this pattern is available on Etsy.)


LINE 1: From the 4th chain on the hook, work a CD on each chain. (YO, insert your hook, pull a loop, YO, pull through two loops, YO, pull through the remaining two loops.) When you reach the end of the chain, pass chain 2 and turn.

LINE 2: Chain 2 counts as the first point. Around the next stitch, work a FPDC (Front Post Double Crochet). An FPDC means that you insert your hook from front to back around the pole and work your DC. Around the next stitch, work with a double crochet behind (BPDC). A BPDC means that you insert your hook back to the front of the column and work with a domain controller.

Continue alternating FPDC and BPDC until the end of the line. When you reach the end of the line, work a regular CD under the turning chain. Chain 2 and turn.

LINE 3: Chain 2 counts as the first point. Around the next point, work a BPDC. Then work an FPDC. Keep working BPDC, FPDC until the end of the line. Chain 2 and turn. (In other words, you’re always working around the post so that it stands out in the same direction as the line below.)

Repeat lines 2 through 3 until your scarf measures between 50 and 55 inches or the desired length.

After your scarf is about 15 cm long, sew both ends, aligning them evenly and inserting your hook on both sides, shouting and pulling directly through the hook loop. After sewing the sides, tie and leave a long tail, then use a tapestry needle to weave the tail in and out of the seam to keep it safer. When you are finished, weave all your ends with a tapestry needle, turn it inside out so that the seam is on the inside and enjoy your super cozy infinite scarf!

This pattern is perfect, we hope you enjoy making this scarf!

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