Crochet Pink Gingham Blanket

Good morning everyone, this day I bring you news to start the day thinking about new projects and organization, we are already at the beginning of the week and we have to put into practice everything we have learned here and what is on your list. I love to challenge myself, every day I learn by finding new patterns and models and I’m training trying to make and thus improving my skills and today we are going to learn a beautiful pattern called Crochet Pink Gingham Blanket. In this post that we are going to learn a crochet pattern, I will bring you crochet news, leaving a little patchwork to learn more about this beautiful crochet patttern.

The Crochet Pink Gingham Blanket, a delicate pattern and is composed of several small squares, giving the beautiful result. The size of the blanket depends on how many squares we make and assemble. A tip: what do you do when your basket of threads is full of pieces of different colored threads? Make yo-yos! To take so little time, being quick and easy, beginners can be quiet, and each spends less than 10 meters of wire. Of course to participate, you will use only a piece of thread, make as many as you want, combining the colors in the image below, pink with white when I left the photo here as a model, or it can be colored like some black, blue, yellow or the color of your preference. Below, I leave the story with the step by step of the Crochet Pink Gingham Blanket pattern with all the necessary information.

Good job. More than a hobby, crocheting calms, prevents Alzheimer’s and relieves stress, depression and anxiety! Lack of energy, mental fatigue, monotony… Putting an end to these annoyances can be simple and pleasurable. Research proves that crocheting is an excellent therapy. Teacher Simone Eleotério signs below. “Creating something with your own hands is the possibility to express yourself. It is also a way to increase concentration and thus keep brain activity at full speed, keeping us away from diseases such as depression and Alzheimer’s,” says Simone, who is also a consultant for Circle Threads. Learn more about the positive effects of crochet on body and mind.

Why crochet helps to cure and prevent diseases:

  • The activity requires concentration, reasoning and motor coordination, which helps prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • Staying intellectually active can also ward off depression and decrease anxiety.
  • Performing work alters brain chemistry, decreasing stress hormones and increasing serotonin and dopamine levels. These substances are responsible for feelings of well-being and pleasure.
  • The repetitive movements lower blood pressure and generate a feeling of relaxation. They also stimulate the agility of the hands.

In hospitals, it is “medicine”: Some hospitals have already adopted the practice of crochet to relieve tension and anxiety in patients and their families. The Itapevi General Hospital, in the great São Paulo area, participates in the Weaving Life Project. The work is done by volunteers who give crochet classes in the pediatrics, gynecology, psychiatry, and orthopedics sectors. For Rosana Navajas Barbosa, supervisor of the pediatric area, “the activity can reassure the companion, reflecting on the patient’s well-being”. She tells the case of a mother who resisted her son’s hospitalization: “When she started attending the classes she became more receptive and less aggressive. And the child reacted much better to the treatment. Experts in occupational therapy guarantee that this art therapy is an efficient method, since it stimulates creativity and also serves as an escape valve to relieve tension.

Below I leave the link of the step by step, if you have any questions, follow the tutorial that we left right after being super easy.

Pattern step by step link: Crochet Pink Gingham Blanket

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