Crochet a Ripple Puff Stitch Pattern

Welcome crochet lovers to Craft For The World! Get ready to learn how to make this ripple puff stitch pattern, this model is very beautiful and very easy to make, incredible as it may seem! Through this crochet stitch we can make several models, such as a baby blanket, a towel and even a rug, a crochet scarf and thousands of other ideas!

This explanation is very simple, the pattern will show step by step this crochet stitch. Choices beautiful colors, to make the crochet stitches colorful and even more dazzling (colors of the threads leave the charming pattern). You can make this pattern to leave your home with a touch of your own and be more beautiful or give it to someone you love!

NOTE: the graph is for the most experienced, even so, it is in accordance with the order of the points of the lines, as well as the one below. The models will bring several ideas to finish and to do with these crochet stitches!

In this tutorial you will learn in a simple way how to do this work (so see how to make this model in a practical way), the material above can be different, the work comes out the same way and you feel free to choose your sizes and colors for the pattern!!

  • Ch 1, sc in the first 4 sts. Cast on 3 sts, 7 sc on next row. Cast on 3 sts, work next 7 sts. Repeat * everywhere. The end of the round will have 4 stitches in the last 4 sts. Turn. Repeat line 3. Rotate. Ch 3, 3 bp at the same point as ch-3. * Skip more than 3 chains, sc in the next 7 chains.
  • Skip the next 3 points, 7 points on the next point. Repeat * on the chain. The end point will be 4 sc in the same st. Turn.
  • For the rest of the Afghan: repeat lines 3 to 6 until you get the size you prefer; when satisfied, tighten and weave at the ends!
  • The trick is to use 3 or more different colors to make it more attractive, but you can also create a solid color if you prefer!

You are the crochet artist, after all!!

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