Crochet Nautical Baby Blanket

Welcome to Craft For The World! This pattern is stunning, it has a video tutorial to make this magnificent Crochet Nautical Baby Blanket! Who doesn’t want a blanket that is special ?! Imagine a lamp burning in your head now, because you just found it!!

Surely this is one of the best gift ideas and is a tip, to make the blanket even more cozy, how about being accompanied by a book?! This cover can be made in any colors you want and don’t worry about this step by step you won’t have any difficulty!!

So, ready?! Let’s go to the Nautical Baby Blanket details!!
MATERIALS: (Final size approximately 34 x 34 inches)

  • Hook size G

Size 3 wires weight:

  • 2 baby Bernat Softee in white
  • 1 baby Bernat Softee in Aqua
  • 1 baby Bernat Softee in royal blue (or navy)
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle


Chain 141 (if you want to increase your blanket, chain any number that is a multiple of 3 in the desired length.)

Line 1: on the 2nd hook chain, work “SC, CH, DC”, * skip 2 channels, work “SC, CH, DC” on the next channel. Repeat from * until the end of the line and until you have 1 ch space left. Knit 1 SC in the last remaining ch space. CH 1 and turn.

Line 2: “SC, CH, DC” at the top of the SC of the line below. * Skip 2 on the next two points. Knit “SC, CH, DC” in the stitch SC of the line below. Repeat from * ending the line with 1 SC at the last point, CH 1 and rotate.

Line 3: repeat line 2.

Repeat ROW 3 for the rest of the Nautical Baby Blanket, changing colors every 10 lines.

Here are the color changes I made: 10 Royal Blue lines, 10 White lines, 10 Aqua lines, 10 White lines. Repeat 2 times and then work 10 blue, 10 white and 10 aqua. (Finished on an Aqua track.)

Weave at all ends before starting the border.


Pull a loop in any corner. SC around the whole blanket, working 3 SC in each corner and keeping them as widely spaced as possible. If they are too close, their edge will be too far apart and the main blanket will be wrinkled. This is where you, as a crochet artist, decide where each stitch will go. It can work for you to skip every third point on the top and bottom of the blanket and work 10 CC per color on the sides of the blanket. It is more important to crochet evenly than worrying about numbers.

Slide the point onto the initial SC. Continuing in the same direction, CH 10. On the 3rd CH of the hook, work 1 HDC. Work 1 HDC on each of the remaining 7 channels. SL ST in the next SC at the edge of the blanket and SL ST in the next SC. (2 SL ST). * Rotate the border, like a page in a book, and work 1 HDC only in the back loop on each of the 8 HDC. CH 1 and turn. Work 1 HDC Rear Loop Only on each of the 8 HDCs back to the edge of the blanket. SL ST in the next 2 spaces. Repeat from * down on the side of the blanket.

When you approach the 3 SC that make the corner, only the SL ST once in the first SC, the HDC of the rear loop works up and down, then the SL ST once for the SC in the corner, works the BL- HDC up and down again, and SL ST at the SAME corner point again and then again for a total of 3 times. This will ventilate the work on the corner. Then, the SL ST once in the third SC of the corner SC, work the BL-HDC up and down and continue on the next side slide sewing every 2 spaces again as before.

TIP: check your work as you go, undo and redo the wavy edge if necessary.

When returning to the initial HDCs, finish after working the BL-HDC and then tighten, use your tapestry needle to sew both sides and weave at the ends.

Have a great crochet day!

If you need a video tutorial, watch it below:

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