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Craft For The World brings this highly sought after model, it is simply beautiful and very easy to execute. So come on today I brought you a Crochet Face Mask! First of all, and pay attention to something else, we would like to say that this is not a medical product. But when viruses are in the air and around us, this is one of the means we can use to protect against this virus. Of course, there are several things that caught my attention in this model of facial mask and one of them was exactly the fact that, in addition to protecting, it still makes people not lose the coolest style and, of course, the color you choose preference.

Masks have become an object of everyday life. And you may have heard some people discussing whether they are, in fact, effective in controlling the circulation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19. And the answer is yes! The use of the mask is directly related to combating the coronavirus because it helps block the virus-carrying droplets that come out of the mouths and noses of infected people when they cough, sneeze, or speak. The mask serves as a blockade so that the virus cannot be transmitted to another person or contaminate objects in the vicinity. It is completely safe for the wearer, but you must sanitize it after each use, or throw it in the trash if it is disposable. And contrary to what some people say, masks do not cause hypoxia (decreased oxygen level in the body), because they do not impede the passage of air.

It is important that everyone wears a mask because many people are infected by the new coronavirus and have no symptoms, but transmit the virus to others. Even those who have already been vaccinated need to wear it: the vaccines protect against the symptoms, but not against the infection – in other words, an immunized person can still get Covid-19 and pass it on to their friends and family, even without showing fever, breathing difficulties, malaise, headache, and the other symptoms of the disease. The mask should cover your nose and mouth. When using it, only take hold of the strap or the elastic, never the part that covers the face. Always keep it clean and change it if it gets wet or dirty. It’s no problem if it is tight, it’s even better: the mask only works if there are no openings on the sides to facilitate the entry or exit of droplets. Remember to change them every two hours, and if you are using cloth ones, always wash them before use.

Of course there is no lack of creativity, it is possible to make a mask for different audiences, from children to adults and of the most diverse sizes, of course below the PDF standard on how to make these beautiful masks and this pattern is free. Know that if you combine the right colors, it will look wonderful! Did you know that this face mask pattern also has two layers, so you can put paper inside to be even more protected, cool right. And a hint exactly, this model still has this incredible availability, which is the fact that it plays an important role in preventing any transmission of viruses in the air. And maybe you are thinking that this model is very complex and difficult to implement, and that is where you are wrong to think about it. Pay close attention to what I’m going to talk about: This model that we are going to learn today, besides being beautiful and protective, is extremely easy to make and very fast! That’s right, if you are a beginner, this model will certainly be possible for you to do. Following the PDF pattern step by step, it is impossible not to get the desired result.

We will bring beautiful patterns for you who always look for beautiful patterns. That is exactly why whenever we talk, it is worth reinforcing: share your results with us and much more, give this beautiful model as a gift to your loved ones and friends.

An even better tip, donate. Because life is so much more fun when we share things.

We at Craft For The World would like to thank Red Heart® and the website for developing and sharing this beautiful free model.

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