Crochet Knot Square Pattern

Excited to start another project?! Well it’s in the right place, Craft For The World brought another novelty and it is this beautiful square of crochet knot!! This very elegant model, the colors of this pattern are beautiful and this model can be used in various types of work, such as a crochet cover or rug, among others!!

We bring several tips on how to make this beautiful braided model. Ready to start this crochet pattern? Check out everything about this model is available and tutorial to make crochet step by step easier! For beginners, just follow the step by step to create this model, it is very simple.

Before starting this Crochet Knot Square, you must choose the crochet colors of the threads you will use and the needle for this job you will use, the colors that made the model even more amazing!! Follow the step-by-step tutorial and for easy reference see the PDF.

The crochet threads are easy to work with (like the rope), the starting point is the first point to be learned and the simplest point of all!! Take the thread with the needle hook and the threads, continue working in this way until you reach the desired number of chains.

Craft For The Wolrd always brings a simpler way and with this tutorial Crochet Knot Square shows the step by step how to make this crochet pattern. Learn some crochet tips here and do this job in a very simple way and if you prefer, there is a graphic square crochet pattern that helps a lot.

See the PDF below and if you prefer the video tutorial.


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