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When was the pillow invented? Many people consider pillows to be more than just a complement to their rest. A pillow allows us to rest our cervix and have a pleasant sleep. Even on nights of doubt, we usually check things out with her! However, we don’t know about its history. When was the pillow invented? Pillows are known to be native to the Mesopotamian civilization. Types: The pillows are mainly used to give comfort to the body, but many of them assume a decorative character, with prints, colors and shapes of the most diverse types. Cushion with satin coating belonging to the collection of the Museu Paulista da USP.

There are also cushions used as seating in different cultures. A typical example is the ottoman, a kind of padded cushion, usually without arms or back, covered with upholstery, whose name refers to the onomatopoeia of the air that vanishes when you sit on one of them.

For cervical rest they used hard materials with the function of supporting the head. Archeological studies throughout history reveal that in ancient Chinese civilization poor pillows were also made. This add-on was made of hard materials such as wood, bronze or bamboo. The Greek and Roman civilizations introduced in antiquity the first notable evolution: they began to manufacture straw cushions or feathers, with a softer fabric. Owning a pillow was synonymous with belonging to a privileged class. It wasn’t until the 16th century when they started to spread to more homes, while in the 19th century they became a universal product, thanks to advances introduced by the Industrial Revolution. During this time and until today, the pillow has advanced as an essential product for our rest and our comfort, to the point of introducing components such as viscoelastic, which help our cervicals feel totally welcome.

Many Cats square // free crochet pattern

A pillow is a household utility object used to support the back in addition to sofas, as well as to support the feet, legs, head, etc. It is a kind of closed bag containing soft or elastic material (paint, cotton, horsehair, feathers, sponge rubber, plastic foam), or tightened by springs or compressed air, to serve as a backrest, seat, headrest, decoration, etc. In Brazil, the variation of the pillow used to support the head for sleeping is called a pillow, while in Portugal the term pillow is used for the small pillow (usually in a single bed) and the pillow is a large, long pillow, usually used in double beds. A pillow is an object used for home comfort, normally covered with fabric and filled.

The sofa was originally a throne of Arab rulers and has existed since ancient times among the nobles of the Middle East. In Roman society the sofa met the eater, known as the triclinium. Three sofas were placed around a low table, and the men rested while they ate (while the women sat in conventional chairs). The sofa was originally an elitist piece of furniture and it was only during the period of industrialization that the sofa became an essential item for citizens in middle and lower class homes. Current times: The sofa is invariably linked to domestic family life and television culture today. There are several furniture designers, such as Francesco Binfarè, who specialize in sofas.


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