Crochet a Spiral Granny Square

Welcome to Craft For The World! Excited to start this beautiful crochet stitch, you will discover how to make this pattern crochet a spiral granny square and even more surprising is that, in crochet or knitting, this stitch is very beautiful and easy to make! Here are some wonderful ideas and crochet walkthroughs; this model is widely used in crochet blankets and widely used in baby blankets.

Some tips implemented in this tutorial are very important for good quality in this crochet work. See how to finish this crochet stitch with a very simple practice and the video is easier to understand! Let’s go to the material used for friends to understand.

Crochet a Spiral Granny Square | Free pattern

See how we can finish this crochet stitch with a very simple practice, this pattern besides being beautiful is easy! Watch the video a few times to get a good understanding and look closely at the photo before starting, see where the crochet stitches are finished; this is a great practice before you start, being essential for good quality work!


We want to thank the author again for the design and video tutorial he is sharing with us for free below, each step by step, for making this beautiful crochet backpack pattern and good luck to you. We hope you enjoy crocheting and that the results are good and until the next pattern we will show who loves crochet as an agent.

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