Country Christmas Afghan Crochet

Hello people who follow our site, these crochet templates after a Christmas effect! These colors are usually a classic at Christmas. Even at Christmas, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it at another time of year to use it all year long, because it fits perfectly in all seasons of the year. Many think so because of the colors used (red and green) used at Christmas, but if you want something very different, you can play with your favorite colors, of course, leave more to your liking and make a face. extremely important for a satisfactory job.

This pattern, called Country Christmas Afghan Crochet fits perfectly in any season, but is more common at Christmas because of the colors. While this beautiful pattern is a great idea to give to friends, family (anyone will love) or even a financial income for you. Its decoration makes the house very cozy, beautiful to receive visitors in your house and can be placed in various places of the house all depends on your choice, I will give an example as on the couch or even in bed, are simply beautiful ideas. Colors also vary, usually from blue to white, but you can use your color preference, your creativity, and the one you like best. We cannot deny that this type of coverage is different; So if you want something different, it fits in very well! good work and soon we will be back bringing more crochet news that we love.

Do you have doubts about what kind of blanket to choose for the living room or the bedroom? We unveil how to combine them, which textures to bet on, and which fabrics are the most suitable. The blanket is one of the most versatile items of decoration, whether to scare away the chill on a cold morning or simply make the sofa more chic. It sets the tone of the living room décor, besides adding color and warmth to the environment. Very light, each one has a different type of fiber – which you will get to know below. Before choosing a blanket, keep in mind that an incredible environment is made up of different colors and textures. It doesn’t have to be all together, of course, but the key to success is variation.

  • To add texture, the blanket should be of a different fabric than the sofa/pushchair/bedding;
  • To match prints, choose a common color palette between the blanket and the surface on which it will be placed;
  • To choose colors, keep in mind the feeling you would like to give (and feel) in the room. Dark colors and closed shades make the place warmer and are perfect for winter. If you don’t want to dare with the colors, opt for a tone on tone, or even blankets of the same colors with varied textures.

Natural fibers (cotton, linen, wool, silk) are absorbent. They bring comfort, absorb humidity and retain heat. Synthetic fibers, such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic are not. The fabric is warm, but does not breathe and tends to stain and accumulate odors. If allergies are a concern, choose a blanket that can be washed in hot water. Cotton blankets are the most suitable. By the way, what are the most commonly used fabrics for blankets?

  • Natural brushed wool: it has a thicker side of brushed wool, and a plain side. It is warm and super soft.
  • Pure wool: is that more rustic wool, which can come from sheep, llamas, alpacas, and sheep – which is the most common. It is treated for softness, but it preserves the fibers and retains more heat than brushed wool.
  • Chenille: This French word is the equivalent of caterpillar. Chenille yarns are coiled like a cocoon, but extremely soft, reminiscent of velvet. It retains and propagates light, which makes it one of the most used fabrics in decoration.
  • Cotton: Made from the plant, it is the most popular fabric for clothing and homewear. Thickness and quantity make the difference between sheets and blankets.
  • Cashmere: is the soft, velvety wool produced by Cashmere goats from the Kashmir region of India, Tibet, Pakistan, Mongolia, Iran, and Iraq. A luxury item, it warms up and makes any environment more refined.
  • Silk: known for its strength, softness, and warmth, silk blankets offer the ultimate in luxury. It also has natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. Now that we know what to wear.

Now that we know what to wear. The Country Christmas Afghan Crochet is a demand for crochet lovers, and of course we can’t deny how cute they are, just below follows the link pattern that will help you step by step to create this beautiful crochet pattern, a good one. I work for everyone and everyone. until the next post that will soon be for you to crochet.


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